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3000-Year Old Piece to be Performed at Persepolis




11 September 2005


Finally, after two years, 85 musicians of Melal (Nations) Orchestra will give a performance in a 3-day concert at Persepolis, from September 28 to 30.

The tickets of the event will be available and can be booked from 13 September.

Peyman Soltani, the conductor who leads Melal orchestra said, “Melal orchestra commenced its rehearsals about one and a half months ago and will continue for another two weeks. Despite the quite short time we had, the orchestra has achieved a sound harmony so far and the musicians and experts who have attended our rehearsal performances praised the quality. We hope we will reach a desirable level of quality before our performance on stage.”

Soltani attributed a part of the problems that the orchestra has faced with so far, to lack of essential supports and went on, “Lots of those who had approved for cooperation in this concert, when realized it is not as profitable as they thought, withdrew and left us alone. Though their withdrawal deprived us of the supports we needed, we are still hopeful about the outcome. Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization has also promised us to support the concert but has failed to fulfill its promises and its vows still remain as a mere promise.”

“Although holding concerts at ancient monuments contributes greatly to tourism attraction and helps introducing Iranian history more actively, none of the Iranian officials with cultural organizations and offices has ever acclaimed the upcoming concert of Melal Orchestra at Persepolis,” he added. “We have estimated to sell 5000 tickets for each night, but of course if the concert is not advertised properly the turnout will be lower than what is expected.”

At the concert 19 pieces of music are to be performed, including those composed by either foreign composers like Bela Bartok, Mozart, Vivaldi, and Alfred Jean Batiste Lumere (French musician and an instructor at Darolfonoun, the first Iranian modern university, who is said to have composed the firs ever Iranian national anthem), or Iranian composers like Aref Ghazvini, Morteza Nei Davood, Siavosh Beizaee, and Peyamn Soltani. Some pieces of Iranian folklore music are also to be performed at the concert.

Moreover, a piece which dates back to 3000 years ago is to be played at the concert. The notes of this piece of music were discovered among some ancient inscriptions and after being deciphered by archaeologists, was orchestrated by Siavosh Beizaee for Melal Orchestra Symphony. However, as it is demonstrated on ancient reliefs of that era, the instrumentations of such pieces probably comprised wind instruments like horn and pipe.
Three vocalists are accompanying this performance, whose names are still unknown. Also Bahman Rajabi, one of the most famous Iranian musicians, who plays Tonbak (a traditional Iranian percussion) is said to be another accompanist at this even.




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