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APRIL 2006


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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30 April: A 5000-Years-Old Stone-Goblet Stolen from Jiroft Found in Yazd

30 April: Iran invites British Experts to Participate in Study on Prehistoric Children

30 April: Iranian Museums Leave Visitors in the Dark: Portuguese Archaeologist

30 April: The Epic of Iran

29 April: Smugglers Destroy Iron Age Cemetery South of Tehran

29 April: Discovery of a Cemetery to Unveil Ancient Migration Route

28 April: Archaeologists Teaching US Soldiers the Importance of Historical Sites

27 April: Iranian Identity Crisis: Islam v. Iranian Identity

27 April: First Bakun Period Burial Discovered in Bolaghi Valley

27 April: Farming, Greatest Treat to the Ancient Gohar Tepe

27 April: Ancient Hormuz Port Rediscovered After 700 Years

26 April: 7 Prehistoric Cave Dwellings Discovered in Mazandaran

26 April: Maps of Sassanid City Drawn Up

26 April: Serious Concern About Old Masouleh Road

25 April: Three Sasanid Cemeteries Discovered in Hormozgan

25 April: 7,000-Years-Old Mehrali Mound Faces Submersion Risk

25 April: Iran Seeking to Add Areas Adjacent to Persepolis to UNESCO World Heritage list

23 April: Kermanshah Caves Among Earliest Human Dwellings

23 April: History to Revive at Historical Site of Tehran's New International Airport

21 April: Ancient Graves of Hamadan Await Excavations

21 April: Recovered Artifacts to Return to Ilam

20 April: 15 Sasanid Castles Identified in Bastak

20 April: Arran Erases Famous Armenian Medieval Cemetery

19 April: Achaemenid Stone Quarry of Dashtestan on the Verge of Destruction

19 April: Details of Pasargadae Maintenance Outlined

19 April: Website to Present Avesta Scripts

18 April: Preserving the Ctesiphon Arch, Protecting the National Identity

18 April: Rare Artifacts Recovered from Smugglers 

18 April: Fire Temples Documentary Under Production

18 April: Signs of Prehistoric Life on Qazvin Hills

16 April: Zoroastrians Observe Hiromba Feast

15 April: Excavation of Possible Prehistoric Settlement Underway in Bolaghi Valley

15 April: An Intact Brick Dome Discovered in Arjan

13 April: International Researchers to Scrutinize Iron Age Iran

12 April: Lost Sasanid City Discovered in Hormozgan Province

11 April: Partho-Sasanid Building’s Arch Collapses

11 April: Pottery Work Bearing Image of a Naked Man Discovered at 5000-Year-Old Espidej Cemetery

11 April: Excavations Reveal Jiroft Watermill

11 April: Discovery of a Massive Achaemenid Building in Bolaghi Gorge

10 April: Next Month Mullah-Sadra Dam to Submerge 7,000-Year-Old Hill

10 April: Archaeologist Protests over Mafinabad Illegal Excavations

10 April: Post-Achaemenid Trench Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

09 April: Susa Withstood Alexander's Invasion

09 April: 40 more Ancient Sites Discovered in Western Iran

09 April: French & US Experts to Decipher Jiroft Inscription

09 April: Archaeologists have Started Excavations in Search of the Old Hormoz port that disappeared Some 700 years ago

09 April: Inscription Proves Jiroft Civilization

08 April: Second Royal Inscription Discovered at Joroft's Konar Sandal Ziggurat

08 April: Iran Can Reclaim Her Antiquities From US

07 April: Iran’s Heritage Fever

06 April: Discovery of Ancient Figurines and a Statue of Female Musician in Daqyanous

06 April: No Law for Protecting Historical Textures

05 April: Professor Emeritus of Iranian Studies Mary Boyce Dies at 86

05 April: Parse-Pasargad Foundation Outlines Projects

04 April: Discovery of Sasanid Graves, an Archaeological Surprise

04 April: Kalvarz Harmed By Illegal Excavations

04 April: Data on Historical Monuments Damaged in Iran-Iraq War Published

03 April: Results of Last Year's Archaeological Research in Iran




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