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Lost Sasanid City Discovered in Hormozgan Province


12 April 2006




LONDON, (CAIS) -- Iranian archaeologists have recently discovered a Sasanid city near the town of Bastak in Iran’s southern province of Hormozgan, the Persian service of CHN reported on Tuesday. the city covers an area of about 40 hectares.


The archaeologists have tentatively named the city “Sibeh”, a Sasanid name the locals have given to the historical bathhouse at the site.


However, they have not been able to find any name for the city in historical documents, thus they consider it a forgotten city of the Sasanid era.


“Studies on a bathhouse called Sibeh resulted in the discovery of the city. A survey of the old strata indicates that the city dates back to the Sasanid era,” said Ali Asadi, the director of the team working at Bastak’s archaeological sites.


A part of the city is located beneath the Kukhord village and its cemetery.


A great part of the city is covered by its irrigation system and a canal named Terneh, which transferred drinking water to the city from a spring on the other side of the Mehran River. The canal has been built with stones and “saruj”, a mortar of cement and gypsum used in Sasanid era architecture.


Archaeologists have still not determined the function of some parts of the water system.


Ruins of two underground cisterns have also been discovered near the water system, which archaeologists believe were used by the residents of the city in ancient times, Asadi said.





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Source/Extracted From: MNA



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