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Ancient Graves of Hamadan Await Excavations


21 April 2006




LONDON, (CAIS) -- Scattered human bones from graves belonging to the Iron Age found in the vicinity of the Ecbatan Dam in Hamadan Province give clues to a possible graveyard behind this dam. To find this cemetery, which is estimated to date back to second millennium BC, archeologists are to carry out excavations in the area.

“Considering the scattered evidence in the vicinity of the dam, we are expecting our excavations to result in finding a cemetery belonging to the Iron Age there,” said Abbas Motarjem, head of the excavation team at Ecbatan Dam.

According to Motarjem, besides the bone fragments found in the area, there have also been several reports on discovery of a number of pottery behind the dam which go back to the same period of time.

As regards to the dam itself and the possible hazards its flooding might pose to the ancient site which lies just behind it, Motarjem explained, “Since this dam is supposed to be inaugurated this year, we must start our excavations as soon as possible.”

“Although the permission to conduct archeological excavations in this area was issued from Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) last February, we did not start excavations right away as we were waiting for the raining season to end since raining while the excavation is in progress would cause serious damage to the discovered historic relics and would ruin this ancient site. But now that the raining season is over, we are ready to start the process,” said Motarjem, adding that the only reason they are still waiting to begin is the budget which was supposed to be given to the team of archeologists from authorities of Hamadan’s Water Supply Organization which was never received.

“Considering the more appropriate weather condition and also ICHTO’s financial supports, we are going to begin excavations behind the Ecbatan Dam from next week,” concluded Motarjem.






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