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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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31 Aug:

Unearthing 5000-Year-Old Residential Areas in Kola Tepe

Director of British Museum Travels to Iran

Brachiopod Fossils Identified in Sabzevar


30 Aug:

Parthian Rhyton & Sassanid Coins Discovered in Damavand


29 Aug:

Archaeologists Studying Hirmand Civilization

Looting Rampant in Ancient Natanz

Parthian and Sasanian Fortresses Discovered Behind Gotvand Dam


27 Aug:

Achaemenid Engineers Constructed Pasargadae to Withstand Seven Richter Scale Earthquake

9000-Year-Old Tappeh Sialk on Temporary UNESCO' World Heritage List


26 Aug:

6000-Year-Old Kiln Transferred from Bolaghi Valley to Pasargadae

UNESCO Demands Explanation for Industrial Town on Perimeter of Bistun

Archaeologists Find 2,500-Year-Old Iranian Mummy in Mongolia


24 Aug:

New Research Indicates Kurab Tepe Dates Back to 5000 BCE

Discovery of Number of Sasanian Earthenware in Farafar Historical Site

Archaeologists Discover More than 70 Ancient Settlement Areas, Including Achaemenids in Yozgat, Turkey


23 Aug:

A Zoroastrian Fire-Temple Discovered in Duhok, Northern Iraq

Azar-Farigh, the Forgotten Fire-Temple of Ardabil on the Verge of Destruction

Lashtan Fortress to Try its Chance as a UNESCO' World Heritage Site


20 Aug:

UPDATE: Excavation at Bukan's Ancient Mannai Site


19 Aug:

Traces of Caste System in Iron Age Talesh


18 Aug:

Zaranj Excavations Planned

Earthenware Figurine Discovered in Bukan


17 Aug:

Sarvestan Palace / Fire-Temple Complex Awaiting Funds

Pre-historical Evidence Discovered in Mehr Ali Farsi Tepe


16 Aug:

Discovery of a Partho-Sasanian Site in Valiran Region


15 Aug:

Different Historical Layers Exist in Nader Tepe

Bistun Threatened by Kermanshah Polymer Company


14 Aug:

Human Settlements in Bolaghi Valley Terraced Back to 8000 BCE


13 Aug:

Jareh, the Most Intact Surviving Dam from the Sasanian Period is Being Destroyed


12 Aug:

Sasanian Stucco-Decorations at Bandian Will be Unearthed subject to Protective Measures

Plan to Restore Columns of Parthian' Khorheh

Afghanistan Hopes High for Rebuilding Buddha Statues


11 Aug:

Destruction a Partho-Sasanian Fire Temple in the name of Development 

A Section of Achaemenid City of Dahan-e Golaman Goes Under Water  

One of the Walls of Parthian Edifice at Kuh-e Khwajeh has Collapsed

10 Aug:

New Industrial Town Endangers Ancient Bistun


09 Aug:

Some of Persepolis Reliefs are Missing since 1999

Sasanian Da va Dokhtar Fortress Awaiting Archeological Studies

Anubanini Bas-Relief Should be Added to Bistun’ UNESCO Dossier: Expert


08 Aug:

Lack of Funding Leads to Devastation of Gilvan Ancient Site


07 Aug:

Bolaghi Valley Ancient Ovens to be Relocated to Persepolis


04 Aug:

Plan for an Archeological Survey at Partho-Sasanian Baq-Tepe

Five Ancient Bronze Statues Confiscated in Ilam


03 Aug:

Iran to Restore her Ancient Palatial Capital in Mesopotamia


02 Aug:

Varamin Mounds Threatened

Inscriptions Found in Haft Tepe Ready to be Deciphered


01 Aug:

Search for Evidence of Writing at 6000-year-old Qoli-Darvish

Dakhmeh Rooted from proto-Zoroastrian Era

Road Work Stopped to Save Sasanid Dam





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