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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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31 December:

No Medians at Ecbatana Hill


30 December:

New Archaeological Findings in Neishabour


28 December:

Lack of Vitamin B12 Killed the Burnt City's 4000-Year-Old Child


27 December:

Ancient Salasel Fort Threatened by the Islamic Republic's Organisations


26 December:

Fourth Cuneiform Inscription Unearthed at Rabat Tepe 2

Achaemenid Tablets will be Repatriated Sooner or Later: Official


25 December:

Power Grids Threaten World Registration of Ferdowsi Mausoleum

Evidence of Chalcolithic Period Discovered in Kermanshah


24 December:

Hassan Fathi Film Crew Vandalised Persepolis with Paint

Anthropologists to Study Teeth & Jaws of Burnt City Skeletons


23 December:

Film Crew While Trying to Steal, Damaged 2500-Year-Old Persepolis' Bas-Reliefs

4500-Year-Old Relief Discovered in Jiroft


22 December:

$250 Budget for Bistun' World Heritage Site


21 December:

Iranians Join to Celebrate Yalda Night

Italians to Provide DNA Map of Burnt City’s Grape Seeds


19 December:

Shrouded 5000-Year-Old Child Unearthed in Southeastern Iran

Underwater Archaeology Centre to be Established in the Persian Gulf

Third Cuneiform Brick Inscription Discovered in Rabat Tappeh

52 Historic Sites Identified in Tchogha Zanbil


18 December:

Largest Prehistoric Site of the Iran-Proper Discovered in Bam

An Achaemenid City Discovered in Bam


17 December:

More Potshards Date Back to 3200 BCE Discovered in Northwest Iran

Louvre Museum Joined the "History-Distortion Business Club"

Experts to Determine Extent of Damage to Sasanian Da va Dokhtar Fortress


16 November:

Ur Royal Tomb Artifacts Originated in Burnt City and Jiroft

New Archaeological Discoveries in Rudbar


14 December:

Discovered Stone Slabs Proved to be the Missing Gate of Cambyses’ Tomb


13 December:

Recent Finds Suggest Kharg was a Partho-Sasanian Necropolitan-Island

Further Two 5000-Year-Old Inscribed Tablets Discovered in Jiroft

Majidzadeh asked Archaeologists to Use the Correct Term of Proto-Iranian


12 December:

Archaeologists Discovered Second Assyrian Cuneiform Inscription of Rabat Tappeh II

Request for Postponement of Sivand Dam Inauguration Submitted to Islamic Republic' President


11 December:

4800-Year-Old Artificial Eyeball Discovered in Burnt City

Sasanian Bas-reliefs of Mt. Khajeh Fortress Falling Apart

Early Historical Era Pottery Unearthed in Northwestern Iran

Archaeologists Discovered Burnt City’s Grain Storehouse

Excavations Prove Ecbatan's Flood by Alexander


07 December:

Bamyian's 1,500-Year-Old Crumbled Relics Could or Should be Restored?

Elamite Bas-reliefs of Izeh in Real Jeopardy


06 December:

Parthian Fortress of Mt. Khajeh on the Verge of Collapse

Cultural Heritage's Triumph in the Naqsh-e Rostam Railway Case, Could be the Beginning of many Victories

Experts Say Urartians had no Direct Presence in Northwestern Iran


05 December:

Islamic Republic' Transportation Ministry Forced to Change Naqsh-e Rostam Railway Route

Archaeologists have Identified Fifty Ancient Sites in Bushehr


04 December:

Parseh-Pasargadae Foundation Demands Changes to Naqsh-e Rostam Railroad Map

Greek Underwater Archaeologists to Assist Recovering the Partho-Sasanian Shipwreck in Persian Gulf

Final Date of Sivand Dam Inundation to be Announced Soon


03 December:

Chartaqi of Niasar Hosts the "Birth of Mithra" Celebration

Tree Roots to Root Out Achaemenid Bardak Siah Castle


01 December:

Kaaba of Zoroaster's Destruction Project Began by Iran's Taliban

While Lorestan’s Excavations Delayed, Illegal Diggers Looted and Destroyed the Site





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