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31 Jan: Restoration of Pasargadae' Holy Staircase

31 Jan: 8 Stolen Seals Found

30 Jan: Biggest Pre-Historic Textile Collection in Burnt City

29 Jan: Geophysics Experts in Bolaghi Gorge

28 Jan: UPDATE: Jiroft Relics Dispel Misconceptions

28 Jan: Soapstone and Cultural Relations between Qom and Jiroft

28 Jan: Choghazanbil's Bricks Require Further Studies

26 Jan: New Discoveries in Jiroft May Change History of Civilization

25 Jan: An Ancient Catacomb Discovered in Gilan

25 Jan: Burnt City Women Picky on Fashion

24 Jan: Discovery of 400,000-year-old Stone Tools in Gilan

24 Jan: Restoration of 800-Year-Old Kish Jetty Begins

23 Jan: Pre-Achaemenid Cuneiform Inscription Discovered in Qom

22 Jan: Post-Sasanian Structure Unearthed at Babak Castle

22 Jan: Restoration Work on Ancient Gorgan Wall Completed

21 Jan: New Architectural Style Discovered in Burnt City

20 Jan: Archaeologists: Sangtarashan Site Not a Cemetery

18 Jan: Ancient Kadusi Governmental Citadel Discovered in Gilan

18 Han: Iranian Heritage at the Mercy of Thieves

17 Jan: Choghazanbil Left to be Destroyed

17 Jan: An Iron Age Architectural Plan Discovered in Gilan

17 Jan: Non of Iranian Monuments are Among Seven Wonders of Modern World Entries

16 Jan: 4,000-year-old Residential Area Discovered near Persepolis

15 Jan: 6,500-years-old Arjan Archaeological Site

15 Jan: 250 materials published on Iran’s Burnt City worldwide

14 Jan: Burnt City Mysteries Unravelled

12 Jan: Jiroft Inscription, Oldest Evidence of Written Language

11 Jan: ASIFA to Produce ’Burnt City Goat’ Documentary

10 Jan: Forgotten Empire Leaves Britain for Spain

09 Jan: Bas-Reliefs of Four Sasanian Princes Unearthed at Gur

09 Jan: Bronze Age Pot Burial Discovered in Central Iran

09 Jan: Moves to Register Endangered Languages, Dialects With UNESCO

08 Jan: Ancient Zigurat's Protective Layer Wearing Away

08 Jan: Sang-Tarashan Discoveries and New Ambiguities for Archaeologists

07 Jan Bullet Point News: A Rare Parthian Statue Recovered from Looters

07 Jan: Father of Modern Iranian Archaeology Donated His Works To Tehran University

07 Jan; A Glance At Maybod Historical Ice House in Yazd Province

06 Jan: Unique Burial Style Identified at Burnt City

06 Jan: New studies show Jiroft was ancient trade link

05 Jan: Discovery of Grave of a Mother with her Daughter in Arms

05 Jan: Czech Speleologists Leave for Iran to Explore Salt Caves

05 Jan: Forgotten, or Mis-Remembered?

04 Jan: Discovery of 108 Ancient Mass Graves in Burnt City

04 Jan: ICHTO Sues London Gallery on Stolen Relics

04 Jan: Islamic Regime's Ministry of Energy Promised 3b Rls Towards Completion of Pasargadae Museum

03 Jan: Sasanid Gate Unearthed at Gur

03 Jan: Shushtar's Sasanian Bridges Will Be Restored

03 Jan: Discovery of Thousands of Ancient Burials in Fars Province

03 Jan: Plans to Record Achaemenid Heritage Sites in Former Iranian Provinces

02 Jan: Five Different Burial Styles Identified at Achaemenid and Sasanid Sites

01 Jan: 7,000-Year-Old Civilization Buried Under Garbage

01 Jan: Second Seasonal Excavation is Expected to Get Underway in Ancient Harrireh

01 Jan: Arab Gunmen Accompanied by Islamic Regime Revolutionary Guards wreck “Palace of Khosrow” ruins (Ctesiphon)





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