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JULY 2006


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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31 July: Number of Discovered Satellite Villages of the Burnt City Reached to 166

30 July: Destruction of 6000-Years-old Shad-Qoli Site

30 July: Iraj Fortress to become a Tourist Attraction

29 July: New Stratigraphic Studies on Hegmataneh Hill

27 July: 88 Cuneiform Brick-Inscriptions Discovered at Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat

26 July: Japanese Researchers Discovered Sasanian Mural in Bamiyan' Buddhist Cave

26 July: Theft of an Ancient Urartian Inscription from Baraghaneh Mountain

26 July: Three Sasanian Bridges Identified in Khuzestan Province

25 July: Archaeologists Have Identified Three Different Burial Methods in Pre-Historic Narges Tepe

25 July: Illegal Constructions Threaten Tepe Siyalk

24 July: Parthian Remains Discovered in Damavand

22 July: Iranian Documentary to Present Ancient Iranian Warrior Sports in UNESCO

21 July: Gas Pipeline Destroys 3000-Year-Old City of Eždeha-Dashi

21 July: Coins Found on Silk Road to be Displayed in Iran and China

20 July: 3000-Year-Old Skeleton of a Woman Unearthed in Bisotun

19 July: British Scholar Decoding Ancient Iranian Inscriptions Discovered in Kazakhstan

19 July: Sasanian Gerdab-e Sangi Cleared of Debris & Household Wastes

18 July: Ancient Artifacts Confiscated from Smugglers

18 July: OBITUARY: Shapur Shahbazi

16 July: 3,200 Year-Old Cemetery Discovered in Taleghan

16 July: In Search of 5000-Year Old Civilization in Nader Tepe

15 July: Ancient Bam Citadel Remains on UNESCO Endangered List

14 July: Iran Demands Return of the ancient Clay Tablets from US

14 July: Bistun Registered in UNESCO' World Heritage List

13 July: Persepolis Project Delayed

13 July: Railroad Destroys the 6000-Year-Old Yagut Tepe

13 July: Tarikhaneh' Original Floor Found

11 July: Psychotic Claims About Origins of Persepolis Rejected

11 July: Soghdian Inscription Found in Samrakand

10 July: Commemoration of Babak, the Persian Hero Banned by Revolutionary Guards

10 July: Semnan Archeological Studies to Begin

09 July: Splendor of Persian Empire to be Displayed in Germany

08 July: Susa Farmers Obliterated an Elamite Site

08 July: Archaeologists Allegedly Discovered Noah's Ark in Iran 

08 July: Smokes From Wheat Farms Threatens Persepolis

07 July: 29,000 Years of Human Settlement in Mazandaran

06 July: First Hipparion Fossil Discovery in Maragheh

05 July: Chicago University Promises to Defend Iranians' Right at Court

05 July: Four 6,000-Year-Old Human Skeletons Unearthed in Khorasan

05 July: Iranian Museum and Louvre to Publish Elamite Inscriptions

03 July: Mullahh-Sadra Dam Begins Devouring 7000-Years of Iranian Heritage

03 July: Iranians Demand Return of Loaned Artifacts From US

03 July: Enclosure for Parthian Saltman Built

02 July: Ganj-Nameh Left Unprotected

02 July: US Terrorism Victims, Seeking Iranian Artifacts

01 July: Cyrus the Great' Palace in Borazjan Under Threat of Obliteration





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