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JUNE 2006


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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29 June: Iranians Helped Chinese to Construct Their Terracotta Army

28 June: Chogatikashan Civilization Dates Back to 4th Millennium BCE

28 June: Remnants of 5,000 Years Settlement Found in Bolaghi Valley

27 June: Invasion or Climate Change? What Changed Bampour Culture?

26 June: Irrigation Channels of the Paradise of Pasargadae to be Restored 

25 June: Deep Cracks Endangering Taq-e Bostan

23 June: Ancient Route Connecting Yazd to Esfahan Identified

23 June: 3D-Plan of the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great, & Solomon Prison in Pasargadae Completed

22 June: Sun’s Rebirth-Celebrations at Niasar' Sasanian Observatory

21 June: German Archaeologists to Excavate Salt Men's Burial Ground

20 June: Recent Discoveries Reveal the Rich Civilization of Hormozgan Province

19 June: More Ancient Hills Discovered in Burnt City

19 June: Roadway Workers Find Sasanian Artifacts
18 June: Harsh Weather & Authority's Carelessness Threaten Parthian Fortress

17 June: Architectural Style of Darius the Great’ Summer Palace Uncovered

17 June: Naqsh-e Rostam another Victim of Pre-Islamic Cultural Cleansing

17 June: Importance of Sangtarashan Brass Discovery Highlighted

16 June: Taq-e Bostan Loses its Chance to be Included in UNESCO' World Heritage Sites

15 June: Underwater Archaeology in Search of Ancient Gorgan Wall

15 June: Geological Studies in Esfahan Palaeolithic Cave

14 June: Discovery of an Early Post-Sasanid Kiln in Qazvin

14 June: Fresh Calls by Iran for Return of Stolen Jiroft Artefacts from a London Gallery

13 June: Nation Protects Storied Bactrian Treasure

12 June: Dais of Khosrow Palace in Qasr-e Shirin Discovered

12 June: Discovery of a Neolithic Stone Dwelling in Marvdasht

11 June: Ceremonial Hall of Khosrow Palace Discovered in Western Iran

11 June: Russian Archaeologist: Zoroastrianism Originated from Margiana

10 June: North Ossetia Plundered of its Golden Age

10 June: One-Minute Documentary on Bistun Submitted to UNESCO

10 June: Ancient Artefacts Unearthed in Marand

10 June: Shadiakh Excavations to Resume

08 June: Sasanian Kangelu Fortress, May be Mithraist Temple: Archaeologists

08 June: Wine Production was Well-Developed during Sasanid Dynastic Era

07 June: Parthian Salt Men to Go on Display at Zanjan Museum

07 June: 40 Skeletons, Date Back to First Millennium BCE Discovered in Narges Tepe

06 June: Amol Palaeontological Studies Underway

06 June: Kerman Fossils in Poor Conditions

05 June: Achaemenid Stone Tablets Could Shed Light on Surtepe Excavations in Anatolia

05 June: National Museum of Iran to be Closed for Renovation

03 June: Persian Gulf; Atlas Of Old & Historical Maps 3000 B.C. - 2000 A.D. Published

02 June: Archaeology Museum to Be Opened in Dež-Bār Fortress

01 June: Discovery of Achaemenid Bronze Arrowheads and Parthian Jar Burials in Khuzestan

01 June: Pishva Historical Site on the Verge of Devastation





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