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MARCH 2006


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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24 March: Noruz in the Iranian World: Arran Province

24 March: Noruz in the Iranian World: Afghanistan

22 March: Norouz in the Iran: Sistan va Baluchestan Province

21 March: In Picture: Norouz - Persian New Year Festival

20 March: Norouz and Its Symbolism

19 March: For the First Time a Sasanian Imperial Cemetery Discovered at Gur

19 March: Discovery of 2000-Year-Old Samen Underground Shelter

17 March: Shahroud Plain Temporary Abode of Neolithic People

13 March: Sections of Achaemenid' Kabeh Zartosht at Naqsh-e Rostam have Collapsed

13 March: History of the Central Plateau should be Rewritten Due to the Discovery of a River

13 March: Four Tons of Stolen Artefacts from Afghanistan Have Been Seized in Britain

13 March: Three 7000-Year-Old Earthenware Kilns  Discovered in Khuzestan Province

12 March: World Oldest Observatory Discovered in Gur

12 March: 8000-Year-Old Pottery, Kilns Discovered Near Shahrud

12 March: Neolithic Nutrition Habits Unraveled

11 March: The Largest Sasanid City Discovered in Fars

11 March: Belgrade Archaeology Film Festival Screening Iranian Documentaries

10 March: Hassanlou Heritage Trapped Under Rural Houses

08 March: Achaemenid Waterfalls Proposed for Registration on UNESCO World Heritage List

08 March: An Achaemenid Dam Discovered in Marvdasht

08 March: Marlik Mounds Turned Into Paddy Fields

07 March: Discovery of Achaemenid Settlements in Marvdasht

07 March: Experts to Unravel the Mysteries of Post-Achaemenid ear Laodicea Temple

06 March: Discovery of Parthian Earthenware Floors in Dastva City

06 March: Esfahan CHTD Increases Guards at Newly Discovered Ancient City

04 March: Remnants of Buddhism Found in Sabzevar

04 March: Iron Age Arrowhead Discovered in Zanjan Province

04 March: Archaeological Teams Active in Lorestan

03 March: Thefts of Ancient Artefacts From Iranian Museum Alarming

03 March: Historic Sialk Left to be Destroyed

03 March: Discovery of Parthian & Sasanian Sites in Qeshm Island

03 March: Traces of Prehistoric Civilization Occupation in Shahrud

02 March: Kerman Historical Sites at Risk

02 March: Draft Accord Commits Turkey to Return Smuggled Artifacts

01 March: Western Dais Discovered at Susa’s Apadana Palace

01 March: Espakho, the Forgotten Temple in Khurasan





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