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Esfahan CHTD Increases Guards at Newly Discovered Ancient City


06 March 2006




LONDON, (CAIS) -- The Isfahan Cultural Heritage and Tourism Department (ICHTD) has increased the number of guards at a newly discovered ancient city located near Isfahan’s Gaw Khuni swamp, at the end of Zayandeh-Rud River, the Persian service of CHN reported on Monday.


The ICHTD has refrained from announcing the exact location of the recently discovered ancient city as a security measure.


“The area is being protected by our guards secretly, and we have also asked the local residents to keep an eye on the site. Iranian police officers also patrol the grounds as well, helping the ICHTD guards,” said the commander of the ICHTD guards.


Isfahan was renowned in former times for its architectural grandeur and the beauty of its mosques and public gardens. Most of the monuments and gardens and many of the edifices are now in ruins, but a number of imposing structures have been preserved or restored.


When it was known as Aspadana, the city formed part of the Median Empire, the first Iranian dynasty. In the middle of the 7th century the city was occupied by invading Arabs. The Persianized-Seljuk conquered Isfahan and made it the capital of their empire in 1051. Tamerlane, captured the city in 1387, and reputedly massacred 70,000 inhabitants.


Isfahan ’s golden age began in 1598 when Shah Abbas the Great, the Safavid king , made it the national capital. Under his patronage, the city attained the peak of its growth, commercial prosperity, and architectural splendours.




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