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MAY 2006


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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31 May: Tarisha’s Historic Site in Danger of Destruction

31 May: Discovery of Wheat Grains Inside a Grave as a Burial Offering in Gohar Tepe

31 May: Oxford University to Publish “Cultural Responses to the Persian Wars”

30 May: Jiroft Inscription the Symbol of Eastern Civilisation

30 May: Date of Inundation of Islamic Regime' Sivand Dam, the Plague of Iranian Heritage Not Yet Agreed Upon

29 May: Discovery of a Unique Sasanian Cylindrical Seal with Winged Horse Design in Dezful

29 May: Restoration of Cyrus the Great' Mausoleum Underway

28 May: A Sasanian Signet Ring with Inscription Discovered in Mazandaran

28 May: Stronach and Parthian Sad-Darvazeh

28 May: Bolaghi Valley, 7,000-Years-old Centre for Pottery

27 May: Achaemenid Irrigation Channel Discovered Near Persepolis

27 May: Skeletons of Bakun Era Mother and Child Resurrected in Bolaghi Valley

27 May: “Sassanid Allurer” Entices Documentarian

26 May: Remains of Achaemenid Palace Unearthed in Bolaghi Valley

25 May: Discovery of an Ivory Scabbard in Lorestan

25 May: University of Pennsylvania Translating Jiroft Articles

25 May: Delay in Excavation, Destroys Gilvan Prehistoric Site

24 May: Case Construction for Preservation of the Fourth Salt Mummy

21 May: ICHTO Holds Exhibition of Documented Rock Inscriptions

21 May: Traces of Early Settlements in Shahr-e Yeri & Marlik

20 May: Destroying Ancestral Heritage in the Name of Development

20 May: 13th Century Glassware Found in Kish

20 May: Esfahan's Gavkhooni Swamp Shrinks to One-Tenth Since Antiquity

20 May: Sistan's Ancient Games Festival Underway

19 May: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Babak Fortress

19 May: Large Number of 5,000-Years-Old Artefacts Confiscated from Smugglers 

18 May: Plan for conservation, Keeping and Display of the Mummies from the Zanjan Salt Mines

17 May: Stolen Capital Returned to Persepolis

17 May: 7,000 Year-Old Kilns Found in Bolaghi Valley

16 May: Remains of an Achaemenid Palace Unearthed in Bolaghi Valley

16 May: ICHTO: Relocate 1700-Yeras-Old Sasanian Dam

14 May: Blasting Operations Near Da-Va-Dokhtar Sasanid Fortress Halted After 28 Years

14 May: UNESCO Assured About Choghazanbil Security

13 May: Varamin’s Mil Mound to Undergo New Excavations

13 May: Countdown Begins for Flooding of 6000-Year-Old site in Northwestern Iran

12 May: Transportation and Medical Documentation of the Fourth Salt Mummy of Zanjan

11 May: Cement Factory Continues Threatening Rey's Ancient Sites

11 May: Achaemenid Quarry to be Rescued

11 May: Iran's National Museum to Exhibit Rare Sasanid Plaster Works

09 May: Another Dam Construction by the Islamic Regime, Another Crime Against Iranian Heritage

09 May: Accidental Discovery of Ancient Armaments in Ardabil

09 May: Ancient Texture of Esfahan, Shiraz & Tabriz Cities Endangered

08 May: Discovery of 3000-Years-Old Artefacts in Minab

08 May: French Archaeologists to Study Prehistoric Lifestyles in Northern Iran

06 May: 6,000-Years-Old Hill Sold to be Pillaged

06 May: Islamic Regime's Sahand Dam, Drowns 4000 Year-old Iranian Heritage

06 May: Konar Sandal Ziggurat Will Undergo Repairs

06 May: 40,000 Tons of Debris Moved From Bam Citadel

05 May: Majority of Kuhdasht Archaeological Sites are Partho-Sasanian

05 May: Skeletons of Pre-Historic Children to be Examined in Britain

04 May: Wall of an Unknown Parthian Fortress became Visible After Rainfall

04 May: Discovery of Twelve 5,000-Years-Old Iron Forges in Bandar Lengeh

04 May: Kermanshah Will Host International Archaeology Seminar

04 May: UNESCO to Compile Gandhara Artefact Database

03 May: Shapur the Great' Statue to Be Reinstalled

03 May: 3000-Year-Old Cemetery Discovered in Minab

01 May: 7000-Year-Old Mass Grave Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge

01 May: Plunderers Strike Roudan Cemetery

01 May: Shahyad Tower Awaiting Repairs







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