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ICHTO: Relocate 1700-Yeras-Old Sasanian Dam


16 May 2006




LONDON, (CAIS) -- The reservoir of a dam under construction near Ramhormoz in the southwestern province of Khuzestan will submerge the 1700-year-old Sasanid dynastic era Hormuz/Jareh Dam, the Persian service of CHN reported on Monday.


In order to save the monument, Iranian archaeologists have said that they must enlist foreign experts to relocate the monument.


“The site was surveyed at the location last Wednesday and Thursday. Our solution is relocation of the dam. The new dam is currently being constructed and will be operational in the next few years, and due to the amount of money spent on the dam, it’s not expected that the project will be halted,” Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization expert Mahnaz Sharifi said.


“We have successfully done this for the Zurzur Church (in the Chaldoran region of northwestern Iran), and we plan to suggest it to Mr. (Masud) Azarnush, the director of the Iranian Center for Archaeological Research,” she added.


The Jareh Dam is one of five dams that were built in the Ramhormoz region during the Sasanid dynasty (224-651 CE). It is the most intact of the two surviving Sasanid era dams and is 20 meters in height.


Relocation of the dam had previously been proposed during meetings between cultural heritage officials on behalf of Iranians and the Islamic Regime, but the idea has been rejected not only by the regime, but also by some experts, who argue that the dam might collapse or lose its original shape due to the materials used in its construction.






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Source/Extracted From: MNA



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