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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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30 November:

New Railroad Ensures Destruction of Achaemenid Ka'aba of Zoroaster

Sasanian City of Ivan Karkheh to be Delimited


29 November:

Assyrian Brick Cuneiform Inscription Discovered in Northwest Iran

Experts from Oxford and York Started their Studies on Zanjan’s Salt Men


28 November:

Vandalised Elamite Cuneiform Inscription Awaiting Restoration

Evidence of Palaeolithic Settlement Found in the North of Iran


27 November:

Alleged Qom' Restoration Project Turns into a Devastating One

Ancient Iranian Shipwreck' Cargo to be Recovered

New Dam Further Destroyed Elamite City of Arjan


26 November:

Experts Unable to Rescue the Best Preserved Sassanid Dam From Destruction

Evidence of 9000-Year-Old of Settlement Discovered in Qazvin Plain

New Excavations Confirm Kohan-Dedz Constructed During Sassanid Dynasty


25 November:

Excavations Underway at Nargeh Tappeh

Bolaghi Valley's 7000-Year-Old Kilns under Intense Protection

Exiled Antiquities Returned to Kabul

24 November:

Esfahan’s Juybareh, Old as Cyrus the Great


23 November:

Archaeologists to Excavate the 14,000-Year-Old Island of Khark in Persian Gulf


22 November:

Kanglu Castle to Be Excavated

Esfahan’s Achaemenid Quarter to be Revived

Mining Continues to Tremble Sasanian Observatory in Niasar

Campaigners Are Opposing An Irrigation Project they Fear Could Destroy Priceless Symbols of Iran's pre-Islamic Heritage


21 November:

Burnt City Recognised as Mainland-Iran’s Largest Prehistoric Site

Inauguration of Sivand Dam Awaits ICHTO Approval


20 November:

Bowl with Royal Hunting Scene Unearthed in Bolaghi Valley

Ancient Kilns of Gohar-Tappeh Transferable: Expert


19 November:

International Scientific Conference on Ancient Margiana Comes to End

Main Pottery Production Centre of Gohar Tepe Discovered


18 November:

Palaeolithic Caves Found in Meshkinshahr

10th Phase of Archaeological Research at Burnt City Underway


16 November:

Archaeologists Discovered a Jar Burial of a Dog  in Gohar Tappeh

Parthian Coffins Sent to Hamedan Museum for Restoration


15 November:

Fountains of Cyrus the Great' Paradise to Regain their Ancient Glories

The Great Wall of Gorgan to be Nominated for UNESCO' World Heritage List


14 November:

Railway Endangers Naqsh-e Rostam, and Places Persepolis in Danger List

Archaeologists to Clarify Borders of Urartu Kingdom

Search for Traces of Sargon II’s Conquest Underway in Northwestern Iran


13 November:

Activists Say New Dam Threatens Ancient Historical Sites

Burnt City’s "Building One", Could be the Lost Temple: Sajjadi

Parthian Chub-Tarash Archaeological Site is Being Neglected

Illegal Diggers Further Destroyed Elamite' Birthplace


12 November:

5000-Year-Old Royal Rock-Tomb Discovered in Jiroft


11 November:

Artefacts Dated Back to 2nd Millennium BCE Discovered in Qazvin


10 November:

Recently Discovered Ancient Iranian Shipwreck in Persian Gulf Described by Archaeologists as a Death Trap


09 November:

Date for Destruction of Iranian Heritage by the Islamic Republic set for March 2007

More Iron Age Decorated Flagstones Discovered in Rabat Tappeh


08 November:

Age of Pre-Historic Tappeh Zagheh Overestimated

Experts in Search of Lost Achaemenid City Beneath Portuguese Castle in Persian Gulf


07 November:

Remains of Various Races Discovered at Ancient Gandab Cemetery

Ancient Grave may Lead to a 2600-Year-Old Cemetery in Jiroft


06 November:

Parthian Site of Valiran Left Unprotected


05 November:

Dam Inundation Forced Archaeologists to Abandon 7000-Year-Old Mehr-Ali Farsi

Accidental Discovery of 3000-Year-Old Bronze Dagger in Lorestan

Rare Osteoporosis Identified in 3000-Year-Old Gandab Cemetery


04 November:

Archaeologists in Quest for Median Ecbatana, instead Discovered Parthian Ecbatana


02 November:

Esfahan’s Prehistoric Past to be Studied

UNESCO Representative Visits Shushtar’s Ancient Waterfalls

Viking-era Sasanian and Arab-Sasanian Silver Coins Found in Sweden


01 November:

 Darius the Great’ Fortress in Pasargadae to be Renovated





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