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New Excavations Confirm Kohan-Dedz Constructed During Sassanid Dynasty


26 November 2006




LONDON, (CAIS) -- A team of joint Iranian and French archaeologists working at Kohan-Dež (Old Fort) in northeastern Iran claimed that the site dates back to the Sassanid dynastic era (224-651 CE), the Persian service of CHN reported on Friday.


“According to the results of studies made during the second season of excavations, we found out that the site dates back to the Sassanid dynasty,” team director Rajab-Ali Labbaf-Khaniki said.


The site located near the city of Nishabur in Khorasan Province had previously been excavated by a team of archaeologists from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1935 to 1948, which denoted the area to the Samanid dynasty (819–999 CE).


The US team unearthed about 24,000 artifacts, which they believed belonged to the Samanid and Seljuk dynastic eras. About 12,000 of the artifacts were then taken to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


“The new excavations were meant to prove that Kohan-Dež is a Sassanid site,” Labbaf Khaniki said.


Many pottery works and potshards as well as several other artifacts dating back to the Sassanid dynasty have been discovered during the new excavations.


“The firing style of the pottery and potshards indicates that the artifacts belong to the Sassanid dynasty. In addition, we unearthed a Sassanid tool at the site,” Labbaf Khaniki noted.  


Kohan-Dež measures 8x5 kilometres and has an elliptical shape.




Extracted From/Source: Mehr News

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