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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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31 October:

Looking for Evidence of Pre-Islamic Khamir Port in Persian Gulf

Japanese find Buddist caves near Bamiyan


29 October:

3000-Year-Old Mass Grave Discovered in Narges Tepe

Pre-Achaemenid Village Discovered in Semnan


23 October:

Discovery of a 2700-Year-Old Neo-Elamite Family Tomb 


21 October:

Smugglers Entice Archaeologists to Excavate Babajian Ancient Mound

Recently Discovered Iron Age Paving-Stones to be Studied to Trace Musasir City State


19 October:

Archaeologists Returning to Their ‘Lost Heaven’ Jiroft


17 October:

Ignorance and Carelessness to Ruin Bistun’s Inscription

Sasanian Watermill Discovered in Takht-e Soleiman


16 October:

6,000-Year-Old Stone Tools Found in Sabzevar


14 October:

Farmers have Destroyed 3000-Year-Old Kilns in Gohar Tappeh

Iranian and American Archaeologists to Excavate Susian Plain


13 October:

Experts to Study Ways to Save Sasanian Dam of Jareh


11 October:

Discovery of Sasanian Coins in Anciant Shiz (Takht-e Soleiman)


10 October

Destruction of Sasanian Da va Dokhtar Fortress is being Resumed

Germany to Hold Exhibition of Scythian History & Civilization

Burnt City Broke the Record in Archaeological Findings


09 October:

Excavations in Pasargadae Resumed after 40 Years


08 October:

Further Foetal Burials Discovered in Narges Tappeh

3000-Year-Old Remains of a Woman and her Dog Discovered in Narges Tappeh


07 October:

ICHHTO Short of Funds and Islamic Republic Spends US$420,000 in Construction of Lavatories in Iraq

Traces of the World's Earliest Settlement Discovered in Ganj-Darreh

Parthian Metal Workshops Discovered in Kerman

3000-Year-Old Stone-Paved Street Discovered in Gohar Tappeh


06 October:

Archaeologists Work to Salvage Fragments of the Bamiyan Giant Buddhas

Ancient Taq-e Bostan another Victim of De-Iranianisation Trend in Today Iran

Iran’s Last Zoroastrians Worried by Youth Exodus


04 October:

Zoroastrian, Ancient Religions Clash in Modern Iran


03 October:

Archaeological Research is Being Conducted in the Achaemenid Gord-Kuh Fortress


01 October:

3000-Year-Old Skeleton, Artifacts Discovered at Narges Tappeh

5th Phase of Excavation in the Cradle of Civilisation Reveals More Secrets





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