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The Musée Cernuschi' Exhibition of Sasanian Art Opens Friday 15th


13 September 2006




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LONDON, (CAIS) -- More than 200 pieces of artworks including silver, metal, and plaster artifacts belonging to the Sasanian dynasty (224-651 CE) are to go on a public display at Paris’ Cernuschi Museum (The Musée Cernuschi), starting from 15th of September 2006.


According to Mohammad Reza Kargar, director of Iran’s National Museum, in addition to the collection of artifacts loaned to the Cernuschi Museum from the National Museum of Iran, a large number artworks denoted to the Sasanian dynastic era owned by some of the biggest museums of the world such as Hermitage and Louver will also be among the objects displayed in this exhibition. Kargar also said that on the opening ceremony of this exhibition, directors of the participating museums will be present, although no one from Iran has been assigned to represent Iran’s National Museum at the opening ceremony.


Commenting on the reasons behind selecting the artworks of the Sasanian Dynasty for this museum, Kargar said: “The same question is equally valid had we chosen another historic period in the history of Iran. However, the most important reason for choosing the Sasanian dynastic art and civilization for this museum as opposed to those from other periods is that the Sasanians Empire was one of the greatest civilizations in the ancient world, considered a powerful pole at its time. 


Nearly 500 years after the collapse of the the first world' super power, the Achaemenid dynasty of Iran in 330 BCE, the Sasanians succeeded in revitalize the glory of the Persian Empire and re-establishing a national and centralized system."


Kargar also accounted the unprecedented progress made by the Sasanian artisans which lead into creation of some of the most exquisite pieces of art in the world, as another factor which must be noted of the great civilization who lived during the Sasanian dynasty. 


“Iranian art under the Sasanian dynasty, especially in metalwork, decorative stucco artworks, and architecture reached its climax. The art of metalwork flourished at this time as silver dishes engraved with images of Sasanian king of kings were being made in bulk. The architecture of the Sasanian Iran brought in a revolution to the Iranian architecture. The first dome ever errected in the world was that of the Sasanians. A great part of the Islamic art and architecture owes its glory to Iranian artists,” said Kargar.


The mighty empire that Sasanian Iran had established, considered to be a turning point in the history of art and science in the ancient world. This historical period started in 224 CE with the defeat of Artabanus IV that last Emperor of the third Iranian dynasty, the Arsacids by Ardeshir.


The exhibition of Sasanian Art and Culture will be held until 30th December at Cernuschi Museum, France’s second biggest museum to own Asian art.



For more information please [ Click Here ]


Musée Cernuschi, musée des arts de l’Asie de la Ville de Paris

7 avenue Vélasquez

75008 Paris

Tel : 01 53 96 21 50,

Fax : 01 53 96 21 96.

Metro: Villiers and Monceau

Open: 10 a.m.-5.40 p.m.
Closed: Monday, bank holidays




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