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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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28 Feb: For the First Time an Elamite Inscription Discovered Near Bandar-Abbas

27 Feb: Sasanian Bridge in Karaj Facing Destruction

27 Feb: Discovery of Parthian and Sasanian Sites in Sar-e Pol-e Zahab

27 Feb: Ancient Village Found in Bushehr

27 Feb: Qasr-e Shirin-Ubaid link Examined

26 Feb: Excavation of Espidež Cemetery Suspended Due to Funding Shortfall

26 Feb: New Discoveries May Shed light on Diet of Ancient Iranians

26 Feb: Inundation of Sivand Dam Deferred Until Final Excavations

25 Feb: Iranian Heritage in the State of Disrepair, and ICHTO Prepared to Fund Renovation of Damaged Iraqi Monuments

25 Feb: World's Oldest Ziggurat in Jiroft Being Excavated

25 Feb: New Round of Excavations at Espidež Necropolis

24 Feb: Traces of the First Susian Governments Discovered in Shushtar

24 Feb: Heavy Rain Damages Parthian Bardneshandeh Temple

23 Feb: Archaeologists & 5,000-Years-Old Empty Leather-Sack

23 Feb: Tackling Termite at Esfahan' Ancient Monuments

23 Feb: NEWS UPDATE: Seminar to Save the Bolaghi Gorge

22 Feb: Post-Achaemenid Constructions Discovered in Tang-e Bolaghi

22 Feb: Seminar to Save the Bolaghi Gorge

21 Feb: Discovery of 6000-Year-Old Archaeological Site in Qom

20 Feb: Archaeologists in Search of Heraclius in Khosrow’s Palace

20 Feb: Discovery of 110 Archaeological Mounds in Sar Pol-e-Zahab

20 Feb: UNESCO Seeking More Information on Norouz

20 Feb: Susa City Council Calls for Establishment of International College of Archaeology

19 Feb: Sasanian Art the Main Source of Early Islamic Floor-Frescos

19 Feb: The World’s Oldest Windmills Endangered

18 Feb: Murals of Sasanian Imperial Family Unearthed in Gur 

18 Feb: Characteristics & Uniqueness of Elamite Ziggurat Identified

18 Feb: Reconstruction of Bam Citadel Needs Time and Patience

18 Feb: Burnt City's Women Were in Charge of their Family Financial Affairs 

18 Feb: Esfandgan Celebration & Commemoration of Women

17 Feb: Discovery An ancient Buried City Near Gaw Khuni Swamp

17 Feb: ICHTO Concerns About Sasanian ’Da va Dokhtar’ Fortress

17 Feb: Restoration of Tomb of Cyrus the Great Resumed

16 Feb: Exhibition of Unique Iranian Findings Made By Murghab River Expedition Opens in Ashgabat 

16 Feb: Two Prehistoric Caves Identified in Qasr-e Shirin

15 Feb: Elamite's Kul-Farah Worship-Place Awaits UNESCO Registration

14 Feb: Fresh Concerns over Irresponsible Construction Projects at Bistun

13 Feb: Original Design of Destroyed Staircase at Persepolis Unravelled

13 Feb: Jiroft's Artistic Ingenuity Overruns Mesopotamia

12 Feb: In Search of Sasanian Wall

12 Feb: 5,000-Year-Old Grave Discovered in Jiroft

12 Feb: Sasanian Column Bases Discovered in Dastwa

10 Feb: Oxford Lab: Chehr Abad Saltmen Were Parthians

10 Feb: Discovery of Turquoise-Like Stones from Burnt City

07 Feb: Discovery of 3,000-Year-Old Fire Temple in Qoli Darvish

06 Feb: Jean Perrot: Jiroft Is the Archaeological Capital of the World

06 Feb: Discovery of 35 Historical Sites in Qasr-e Shirin

06 Feb: International Scholars to Explore Protocol for Defending Cultural Heritage

04 Feb: Bronze Daggers, a Saw and 300 Pieces of Lapis Lazuli Beads Discovered in Jiroft

04 Feb: Tomb of Khosrow I, Found in Khafr

03 Feb: Snakemen Stone Reliefs Discovered in Jiroft

02 Feb: Sasanian Defensive Wall Unearthed near Qasr-e Shirin

01 Feb: Kaluraz New Mystery: Asheulian Stone Tools in the Parthian level 

01 Feb: A Zooarcheology Research Center to be Established in Iran

01 Feb: Salt Men Goes to Cambridge University






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