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APRIL 2007


"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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Last Month's News



30 April:

Evidence of Human-Animal Joint Burial in Pardis Tappeh


29 April:

Discovery of Oldest Industrial Site of Middle East in Pardis


28 April:

Restoration of Mausoleum OF Cyrus the Great to be Resumed


27 April:

Islamic Republic's Animosity Towards Pre-Islamic Iran, has Overruled Critics and Started Filling the Sivand Dam that will Drown 137 Archaeological Sites and Would Threaten the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great


26 April:

Biggest Parthian Site in Sistan-va-Baluchestan Discovered

Interpol Assists in Recovery of Stolen Parthian Sculpture from Baghdad Museum in Lebanon



25 April:

Number of Satellite Areas in Burnt City District Reached to 371

Sasanian Edifices Found In Halqeh Desert


24 April:

Ancient Iranians Enjoyed Nanotechnology

Ahvaz Metro Construction Near Ancient City of Hormoz Ardeshir Halted


23 April:

Discovery of Sasanian Architectural Remains in Golestan

Iranians Protest Islamic Regime's Sivand Dam Project


21 April:

Kangavar's Anahita Temple Preparing For UNESCO Registration


20 April: 

Iran Opens Dam that Archaeologists Say Could Harm Ancient Sites, Famed Persepolis


19 April:

Plundering of Sasanian Cemetery behind Salman-e Farsi Dam

Sivand Dam Opens Amid pre-Islamic Heritage Fear


18 April:

Shirin Ebadi to take on Authorities over Sivand Dam

Another Catastrophe Descends on Cultural Heritage in Hamedan Province

Secrets of Sasanian City of Shapour Khwast to be Unveiled


17 April:

Islamic Republic's President, Ordered the Sivand Dam ito Become Officially Operational


16 April:

Sasanian Monument Identified in Western Iran

Burnt City, Key to Lost Civilization


14 April:

Traces of a Palace Denoted to Cyrus the Great Found in Borazjan


11 April:

Calls for Return of Oxus Treasure from British Museum

Tehran Median Dynasty Fortress Longs for Preservation

3000-Year-Old Babajilan Cemetery to Be Excavated


06 April:

Archaeological Excavations in Pardis Tappeh Resumed


04 April:

Salman-e Farsi Dam Devouring Sasanian City in Southern Iran


03 April:

 5000-Year-Old Brick Platform Unearthed in Central Iran


01 April:

Indian Zoroastrians, Divided Over Conversion, Face a Shrinking Future



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