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Traces of a Palace Denoted to Cyrus the Great Found in Borazjan


14 April 2007




LONDON, (CAIS) -- Archaeological excavations in vicinity of Borazjan Palace, Boushehr province, revealed that the construction of this half-constructed palace was started by order of Cyrus the Great, founder of Achaemenid dynasty (550-330 BCE), and architectural evidence identified in the area are very similar to those implemented in Pasargadae palace.


“Borazjan Palace is a half-constructed palace which was never completed to be residential. Archaeological excavations in the area show that this giant palace was constructed by order of Cyrus the Great and most probably was abandoned unfinished by his dead. Excavations approve that Borazjan Palace must have belonged to Cyrus the Great,” said Ali Akbar Sarfaraz, head of excavation team in Borazjan palace in Boushehr.


According to Sarfaraz, the architectural style implemented in this palace and its spiritual atmosphere is very similar to Pasargadae historical site.


Identifying some architectural evidence such as some parts of the foundation of the columns and other architectural remains bring into light the importance for preserving and organizing the situation of this Achaemenid site.


“Currently the palace is in a very bad and disordered situation and they should be reorganized. In addition some measures should be taken for preserving the area and the historical evidence which have been unearthed so far. However, the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization has not yet allocated enough budget to this project,” added Sarfaraz.


The palace covers a 50x50 meters area and archaeological evidence show that the clossal stones used in its construction were brought from Tangjir quarry.




Extracted From/Source: Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN)

Please note the above-news is NOT a "copy & paste" version from the mentioned-source. The news/article above has been modified with the following interventions by CAIS: Spelling corrections; -Rectification and correction of the historical facts and data; - Providing additional historical information within the text; -Removing any unnecessary, irrelevant & repetitive information.


All these measures have been taken in order to ensure that the published news provided by CAIS is coherent, transparent, accurate and suitable for academics and cultural enthusiasts who visit the CAIS website.




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