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Achaemenid Ruins Found in Caucasus


28 August 2007




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LONDON, (CAIS) -- Archaeologists have discovered ancient ruins dating back to the Achaemenid dynastic era (550-330 BCE) in Garajaemili village of Shamkir region (previously Shamkhor / Shamkur) in former Iranian province of Arran (nowadays the Republic of Azerbaijan).

A joint team of archaeologists from Arran, Georgia and Germany have unearthed the ruins of monument datable to the Achaemenid dynasty.

“During the excavation, we found traces of a 2,500 year old historical structure. In the structure, there is a hall 101 meters in dimension which was the administrate chamber, surrounded by several smaller rooms," said
Ilyas Babayev, the head of the Arrani team.

German archeologist Florian Claus added: " The foundation of the room is made of detritus while the walls of bricks".


Ilyas Babayev underline that the expedition has been operating since 2006 and Germany government assumed all financial sides:” The monument in here was constructed during the times of Ahamanis" (Azeri pronunciation of Persian Hakhamaneshi = Achaemenid). 


"The building found here was the headquarter of Achaemenids in southern Caucasus. Such monument were found Azerbaijani Gazakh region first in 1958-1959. The building was unused after the Achaemenids collapsed” he added.


Shamkir is located 350 kilometres west of Baku near the Armenian border.


Shamkhor same as the rest of Iran fell into Arab hands in the 737 CE after the collapse of Sasanian dynasty (224-651 CE). The region witnessed number of invasions, and finally Iranians lost it along with the rest of the Arran province to Russians in 1828 as the result of Turkmanchai treaty between two countries.

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