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"The future belongs to the nation who appreciates her past."


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Last Month's News


31 January:

Experts Studying Achaemenid and Parthian Fabrics

New Season of Excavations Finally Began at Qoli Darvish Tappeh


29 January:

Excavations at 4000-Tear-Old Qoli Darvish Tappeh Suspended

Philadelphia Museum of Art Celebrate Noruz


28 January:

ARCI Asks Oxford to Date Transition to Iron Age in Iran

Zoroastrians had to Cancel Sadeh Festival Due to Ashura

Bistun’s Cultural Landscape Intruded by Telecom Company


27 January:

University of Chicago Not Showing Goodwill on Return of Achaemenid Tablets: Official

No More Hope for World Registration of Eshkaft-e Salman


26 January:

Sivand Dam Will be Flooded Next Week


23 January:

Conflicting Statements of Islamic Republic Officials on Sivand Dam Inundation


22 January:

Japanese Team to Resume Excavations in Bolaghi Valley

Iran Loses Court Battle over Achaemenid Bas-relief


21 January:

Bolaghi Valley Summit Ended without Achieving Anything


20 January:-

15,000 Artefacts Seized from Smugglers

Fate of Achaemenid Tablets Still Undetermined

Archaeologists Wrap Up another Season of Excavation at Parthian site of Valiran


18 January:

New Namrud Dam Threatens Ancient Mounds


17 January:

New Observatory Blocks the View of Sasanian Niasar Monument

Number of Ancient Tombs in Lama Cemetery Reached 61


16 January:

Ecbatana Hill Confirmed to be an Arsacid Site: Azarnoush

If Necessary, Sivand Dam Inundation will be Postponed: Official


15 January:

Fate of Bolaghi Valley Hangs in Balance at Upcoming Seminar

3rd Century Sasanian Woman Diagnosed with Syphilis

New Moves to Film the Partho-Sasanian Shipwreck in the Persian Gulf 


13 January:

Jiroft is the Missing Link of Ancient Civilizations: Majidzadeh

Archaeologists Wrapped Up 2nd Excavation Season at 4000-Year-Old Rabat Tappeh

Call for Proper Cultural Heritage Research


10 January:

105 Ancient Sites Discovered in Western Iran

Tarisha Temple Lost its Chance for World Registration

Burnt City Inhabitants Used their Teeth for Basket Weaving


09 January

Vandals Damaged and Destroyed Part of Kul Farah Bas-reliefs


08 January

Iranian Dialects are Fading Away

CHTHO to Seek Repatriation of Iranian Artifacts From Hermitage


03 January:

Fake Blood Stains Removed from Walls of Persepolis


02 January:

New Railway Route, No Danger to Naqsh-e Rostam

5000-Year-Old Children Remains Unearthed in Taleb-Khan Tappeh


01 January:

Anthropologists Identify 5200-Year-Old Professional Rider at Burnt City

Iron Age Pottery and Bronze Relics Unearthed in Gilan



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