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Kor River Under Excavation


04 March 2007




LONDON, (CAIS) -- Director of an Iranian archaeological team has announced that studies are being conducted on the southern banks of Kor River, Fars province with the aim of identifying human settlements and gaining knowledge about irrigation systems and embankment networks during different periods of history.

Speaking to Persian service of ISNA, Ali Asadi said Friday that studies conducted so far focused on the northern side of Kor River to determine the areas settled during the Achaemenid dynastic period (550-330 BCE) as well as historical sites.

He said that further studies should be undertaken about the southern side of the river, which extends from the southern section of Marvdasht to Bakhtgan Lake. He pointed out that earlier important relics such as Amir Embankment from the Buyyid dynasty (934-1055 CE) as well as traces of four other embankments were discovered.

The archaeological team has so far concentrated on the water reservoir of the embankments, he noted.

Results of earlier rounds of excavations reveal that most of the artifacts unearthed from the southern bank of Kor River belong to the Sasanian dynasty (224-651 CE) and post-Sasanian eras, he said, adding that few settlements pertaining to pre-history period have also been identified in the area.

A number of prominent sites with a culture called ’Lepoei’ were also discovered in the process, he said.




Extracted From/Source: Iran Daily

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