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Eyes of Achaemenid Statues Found in Bolaghi Valley


19 March 2007




LONDON, (CAIS) -- During their excavations in Bolaghi Valley, in Fars province, Iranian and French archaeology team succeeded in unearthing a number of statue eyes dating back to the Achaemenid dynastic era (550-330 BCE) in Darius’ the Great palace.  


Announcing this news, Mohammad Taghi Atayi, Iranian head of Iran-French archaeology team told Persian service of CHN: “Some pairs of eyes were discovered during the excavations of Iran-French archeology team in Bolaghi Valley. The eyes were made of some weak material such as mortar and black stones were used for their pupils.” 


More than five pairs of eyes have been discovered so far and archaeologists believe that more excavations would lead to unearthing a more number of statue eyes. However according to Atayi the usage of these eyes are not clear yet and the archaeology team is determined to clarify their exact place during the closing days of excavations which will come to an end on March 21, the last day of Iranian calendar. “We are not still sure whether these eyes were implemented in stone statues, wooden statues or reliefs,” added Atayi.


Discovering the eastern porch of Darius’ palace, the Achaemenid king, in Bolaghi Valley were among the other stunning findings during the third season of Iranian- French joint team in Bolaghi Valley which was conducted under the supervision of Mohammad Taghi Atayi from Iran’s Parse Pasargadae Research Centre and Remy Boucharlat, French archaeologists and director of the French Institute of Iranian Studies.  


Bolaghi Valley, located 4 kilometers from the World Heritage Site of Pasargadae in Fars province, is one of the most important archeological sites in Iran where a large number of historical evidence including the remains of a village belonging to the Achaemenid dynastic era (550-330 BCE), clay kilns date to 4000 BCE, one of the palaces of Achaemenid dynastic emperor, Darius the Great, and numerous other archaeological relics and architectural structures have been unearthed during emergency archaeological excavations undertaken by Iranian and foreign archaeologists in the past three years. With the flooding of Sivand Dam which was recently built in Bolaghi Valley by the Islamic regime, hundreds of pre-Islamic historical relics unearthed so far will be submerged.




Extracted From/Source: Iran Daily

Please note the above-news is NOT a "copy & paste" version from the mentioned-source. The news/article above has been modified with the following interventions by CAIS: Spelling corrections; -Rectification and correction of the historical facts and data; - Providing additional historical information within the text; -Removing any unnecessary, irrelevant & repetitive information.

     All these measures have been taken in order to ensure that the published news provided by CAIS is coherent, transparent, accurate and suitable for academics and cultural enthusiasts who visit the CAIS website.




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