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Two Sasanid-Pahlavi Inscriptions Discovered in Kohan-Dedz


15 November 2007



LONDON, (CAIS) -- Two Sasanian inscriptions written in Sasanid-Pahlavi (Middle Persian) language have been discovered in Kohan-Dedz historical site in northeastern Iran.

An Irano-French archeology team has discovered two inscriptions written in Sasanid-Pahlavi language during the third phase of excavations in Kohan-Dedz.

One of the inscriptions is a clay piece which is adorned with four lines of scripts in Sasanid-Pahlavi language. The scripts in black ink have not yet been decoded. The other piece is made of soapstone and is decorated with animal figures such as goat. The latter scripts are in Arsacid-Pahlavi and Sasanis-Pahlavi languages.

More information will be available once the translation of the scripts is completed.

Sasanid-Pahlavi also known as Middle-Persian was a successor to, and derived directly from, Old Persian. It has a multiplicity of Southwestern Iranian features. Gradually developing into a distinct idiom after the reign of Emperor Xerxes (r. 485-465 BCE). It became the official language of the Sasanian dynastic Empire (224-651CE) and as such was utilised in a noteworthy literature of Zoroastrian and also Manichean religious texts.


Following the Arab invasions of Iran in the seventh century Sasanid-Pahlavi developed into Classical and accordingly to Modern-Persian.




Extracted From/Source*: Iran Press TV


*Please note the above-news is NOT a "copy & paste" version from the mentioned-source. The news/article above has been modified with the following interventions by CAIS: Spelling corrections; -Rectification and correction of the historical facts and data; - Providing additional historical information within the text; -Removing any unnecessary, irrelevant & repetitive information.


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