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Der Spiegel Rhetoric on Cyrus the Great Anger Persian Jews

Persian Rabbi accuses Der Spiegel of inciting anti-Semitism


18 July 2008



By N. Yazdani for CAIS


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LONDON, (CAIS) -- De Spiegel in a recent article called Cyrus the Great a "despot" questioning his benevolent deeds as a "hoax" and “propaganda” has caused outrage among the Persian Jewish community as well as Iranian Muslims, but according to a Persian Rabbi the neo-Nazis, anti-Semitic groups and Eurocentrics have found a spokesman.


Yohanna Hamadani, a prominent Persian Rabbi firmly believes that the article is targeted at the Jewish population and on Wednesday accused the Cyrus-bashing article of inciting anti-Semitism and called for Jews all over the world to condemn his racist remarks.  


Der Spiegel’s article “Falling for Ancient Propaganda; UN Treasure Honors Persian Despot”, written by someone named Matthias Schulz published on July 15, attacks Cyrus the Great and calls his deed of freeing Jews from  Babylonian captivity as a hoax.


The Rabbi said this is a dark coalition of anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis, fundamentalists and Eurocentrics embodied in an article.


"I feel in this article, Cyrus is opposed by a 'dark coalition of anti-Semitic Neo-Nazis, fundamentalists and Eurocentrics', that an immense animosity surrounds his historical figure" said Rabbi.

The Jewish and Persian Connection blog, quoted the “German reporter and Der Spiegel as having crossed the ‘redlines’ with their anti-Semitic pseudo-article.”


Sadeq Khalkhali, Aytollah Khomini's right hand man who was known for his brutality in post-revolution Iran, in the same style as Schulz attacked Cyrus the Great historical figure in 1974. He called Cyrus the Great a "despot", and called his Cylinder currently housed at the British Museum as a "hoax and fake" that was made by Jews to give them legitimacy for taking over Jerusalem.


Matthias Schulz's article remarkably resembles Khalkhali’s derogatory and anti-Semitic comments. Khlakhali was compared to and known as the Heinrich Himmler of the Islamic Republic. 


Der Spiegel's attack on Cyrus the Great who Jews consider as the ‘anointed of God’, seriously offended Iran’s Jewish community.


“Publishing such a racist article made it clear that the Germans have once again crossed "redlines" in their relationship with Jewish communities internationally,” said Rabbi Yazdani.


A Persian-Jewish blogger writes: “Der Spiegel with its Nazi style stance attacking Cyrus, grants legitimacy and supports the anti-Jewish stance by the Islamic Republic. The article is inflammatory, anti-Semitic in nature and it is in line with the policy of the fanatical regime in Tehran who are wishing that the Israeli and Jewish people will “vanish from the pages of time.”


“For Der Spiegel, Cyrus-bashing is perhaps is a way of a rebirth of the Neo-Nazis bolstering their status with anti-Semitic states in the Middle-East,” the blogger argued. 


Another Iranian blogger suggested: "Spiegel should invite Nasser Pourpirar, Abbas Salimi Namin and Mahmood Ahmadinejad to work with Schulz in completing their Iranian-bashing and anti-Semitic task force."


The blogger suggests: "rather than the German newspaper and Mr Schulz wasting their time in rewriting history and attacking the man history has given him the title of 'the Great'. The man that his good deeds are recorded in the Old Testament and in the Greek historical accounts considering him as a role model of any great leader - they should concentrate on clearing the mess of their leaders' committed the biggest atrocity in human history, massacring over six million innocents lives, in the most savage and barbaric manner."

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