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OBITUARY: Dr Manouchehr Farhangi: Cultural Activist and Philanthropist


25 March 2008



'The Man who joined the History of Iran'

By Dr. Khosro Khazai ( Pardis)

Edited by Shapour Suren-Pahlav

  Manouchehr Farhangi was a versatile entrepreneur, educator and cultural activist




LONDON, (CAIS) -- Dr Manouchehr Farhangi one of the greatest Iranian Zoroastrian philanthropists and benefactors was assassinated by the Islamic Republic's Secret Service in his home in Moraleja on the suburbs of Madrid in Spain.


This assassination took place at 12.30pm on Wednesday  March 20th, 2008. Despite the efforts of paramedics and hospital staff Dr Farhangi pronounced death six hours after being stabbed.  He was 82 years old.

Dr. Farhangi was a successful entrepreneur, born into a Zoroastrian family in 1926 in the ancient Iranian city of Kerman.

In the early seventies he created coastal village vacation complex near Caspian coast in Bandar Pahlavi. The coastal village complex known as Dehkadeh Saheli contained over 350 villas and 70 apartments, and another 70 villas under construction when 1979 revolution took place in Iran. Alongside the said project he and his two brothers opened up a pharmaceutical company, which ultimately became one of the largest drug manufacturers in Iran.


After coming of the Islamic regime to power in 1979 they demanded an immediate stop in and construction of the complex, under the pretext of an Islamic sharia law, that men and women swim together in the Caspian Sea.

As the result he was summoned to the Islamic courts on several occasions and was the subjected of harassment, verbal and physical abuse. He finally decided to take a short trip to London, where he was notified by his staff that the regime had taken over his corporate offices and looted his house, burning it down along with his possession and his priceless private library. Shortly after his return to Iran, his assets were confiscated.

Farhangi, left Iran for Spain in early 1980s and began his life in exile. Soon he settled in Spain, he founded the International School of Spain in Moralej, which soon became one of the most prestigious private school in the country where today over 600 students, of about 50 different nationalities are studying there. After his retirement a few years ago, the school was taken over by his son Ramin Farhangi.


Farhangi was a true Zoroastrian who was generous to the cultural centres, radios, newspapers and authors who were active on this field and promoting the Zoroastrian religion and pre-Islamic Iranian culture and heritage. He was profoundly a humanist, and wanted to see a truly humanistic philosophy being established in Iran. 


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