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Latest Archaeological and Cultural News of Iran and the Iranian World


100 Archaeological Sites Identified in Saveh


28 February 2009



LONDON, (CAIS) -- Archaeologists have identified over 100 archaeological sites dated back from Neolithic to Safavid dynasty in the East of the city of Saveh, reported the Persian service of CHN on Thursday February 26.


These identifications are part of a nearly completed survey of eastern section of city of Saveh by Iran’s Archaeological Research Centre. The Western section has already been surveyed in the previous season.


 This seasona number of dried aqueducts, potsherds and broken glasses dated back from post-Sasanian period of Safavid dynasty are being identified, according to ‘Pouriya Khadish’ director of archaeological survey team at the city of Saveh.


A number of fortresses dating back from Safavid to Qajar dynasties have also been identified, concluded Khadish.


Saveh (Sāvé - ancient Sāvag) is a small city in the Markazi Province of Iran. It is located around 100 km southwest of Tehran.


The history of Saveh goes back to the first Iranian dynasty, the Medes (728-550 BCE), as it was one of their centers. According to Tabari, Saveh was initially part of Maydan and later the Greater Ray, and contained a number of fortresses and caravan-stations mainly dating back to Parthian (248 BCE – 224 CE) and Sasanian (224-651 CE) dynasties. Number of Tappeh (archaeological mounds) near the city, including Asiyā-Ābād, Harisān, Khorram- Ābād are dated back to The Sasanian dynasty.


The city housed one of the largest libraries in Iran which was destroyed by Mongol invasion in 13th Century.




Original News bulletin published in Persian by CHN , and translated and modified by CAIS [*]




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