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Latest Archaeological and Cultural News of Iran and the Iranian World


Director of Susa Archaeological Centre Resigns in Protest Over the Destruction of Susa’s Heritage Sites  


15 October 2009



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  The plan of Ancient sites of Susa and the position of Amirzargar Hotel (Click to enlarge)


LONDON, (CAIS) -- Dr Mohammad Reza Chitsaz, former director of Susa Archaeological Centre, who is an expert in pre-Islamic Iranian art, archaeology and History wrote in an open letter sent to Hamid Bagaei, the new director ICHTO, expressing his anger for the treatment of Iranian heritage sites at Susa, and protested the organisation’s slander and requested an apology.


In recent news published by Miras-e Aria (Aryan Heritage) the official website of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organisation (ICHTO), it is claimed that the director of Susa Archaeological Centre was dismissed as the result of number of contravenes.


In his letter Dr Chitsaz writes: “as you are very well aware I have resigned from my post for the reason that ICHTO’s negligence towards Susa heritage sites as well as ignoring my constant protest for the illegal construction of Amirzargar Hotel, only 30 meters away from the Apadana Palace, which has been constructed on the top of the Elamite and the Achaemenid dynastic remains.”


He continues: “as the result of my resistance and protest over the destruction of Iranian heritage at Susa and the illegal construction of the Hotel, I along with two archaeologists have not received any income for over two years.”


At the end of his letter, Chitsaz threatened ICHTO with legal action for slander and falsification.


Mohammad Sadeqi, director of Khuzestan Cultural and heritage Organisation (KCHTO) who is responsible for issuing the permit for the illegal construction of the Amirzargar Hotel, claimed Chitsaz was neglected his duties because he is not a local, not realising that he is a born and bred Khuzestani from the city of Shushtar.


This is the second time however ICHTO, since directorship of Baqaei, has misled the public.


On September 26, the organisation published an open letter and claimed that it was sent by a group of veteran Iranian archaeologists addressed to the head of Islamic Propaganda Organisation (IPO) regarding Mehr News Agency (MNA).


The letter was denouncing MNA for creating media frenzy. The news agency reported the unprofessional and destructive restoration of Cyrus the Great’ mausoleum by ICHTO and the discovery and loss of bones thought they were belonged to the king in the cavity of the monument’s ceilings (1, 2, 3).


The open letter turned out to be a fraud. (4)


Archaeologist Gholamali Baghban-Kouchak is named as the new director of Susa Archaeological Research Centre.





Portions of this news have been excerpted from Persian services of Taryana, ISNA, CHN and CAIS News Archive - translated and rectified by CAIS [*]




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