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Discovery of Sasanian Style Painting in Qasr a-Hayr Al-Sharqi in Central Syrian Desert


13 January 2010



LONDON, (CAIS) -- The Syrian-Swiss expedition, working at Qasr al-Hayr al-Sharqi (Hayr Palace East) has conducted four surveys to the north of the palace with different dimensions through which the expedition unearthed the foundations of some buildings' walls made of mud and bricks.


Inside the buildings, the expedition unearthed clay pieces, bones and some glass pieces along with a big pottery, fireplaces and some artifacts made of plaster decorated with geometric and floral shapes, the most important of which are two broken artistic paintings, said Director of Palmyra Antiquities Department Walid Asaad.


The first painting represents a knight riding a horse, wearing a Sasanian Iran garment and carrying a pigeon in his right hand, while the second painting represents a woman with combed hair, putting her right hand on her chest and her left hand on her abdomen with a braided ribbon around her head.


He pointed out that the two paintings are the first of their kind at the palace, adding that the Syrian-Swiss expedition works on expanding the surveys and excavations to discover more data and archaeological artifacts made of firestone and bones. 


The construction was built by the Umayyads in 730 CE, is located 80 km east of Palmyra and 80 km south of Dayr al-Zor on the Euphrates. The Qasr represents a large complex which may be divided into four main groups: the small enclosure, the large enclosure, the bath house and the outer enclosure. The outer enclosure from which the complex derives its name (Hayr) is a vast wall of irregular shape which stretches for more than 15 km.





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