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Modern Wooden-Covers Damage Stairways of Persepolis


01 March 2010



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  Humidity helps growing some types of fungus, lichen, and plants under the wooden cover installed on the stairways at Persepolis. The elements cause damage to the stones of the Achaemenid site. (Photo courtesy of Mehr News Agency)

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LONDON, (CAIS) -- Wooden covers, which have been made to protect the stone stairways of Persepolis, have caused damage to the great Achaemenid site in southern Iran. 

Humidity and lack of planning for removal of rubbish dumped by tourists at the site have created ideal conditions for growth of various types of fungus, lichen, and plants under the wooden covers, reported the Persian service of the Mehr News Agency. 

These elements ruin the stones used in construction of the stairways at the palaces of One-Hundred Columns and Apadana in Persepolis. 

The wooden covers were made by the Parsa and Pasargadae Research Centre (PPRC) in 2006 to protect the stones of the stairs from erosion caused by visitors at the palaces. 

PPRC’s experts have previously warned that they the wooden walkways have been made from teak wood, which is used in shipbuilding because of its water resistant properties.

The Winged Man of Pasargadae stone bas-relief denoted to the Cyrus the Great is also currently suffering from damage caused by environmental factors. In 2005, a number of experts had said that the Winged Man should be transferred to a museum in order to prevent it from being damaged by the elements. However, nothing has been done to save the invaluable artefact. 







Original news bulletin published by Mehr Newsrectified and edited by CAIS [*]




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