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Sivand Dam & Tang-e Bolaghi in the News





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.Tang-e Bolagi


Tang-e Bolaghi Aerial view & its' relation to

Parse-Pasargadae Historical Sites





20 Feb: New Dam On Polvar River and Possible Threat to Pasargad




24 July: Sivand Dam Threatens Pasargadae
09 Aug:  Iran to Call for Foreign Aid in Salvaging Tang-e Bolaghi
19 Dec: Iranian archaeologists race the clock
23 Dec: Sivand Dam is threat to Iran's heritage
23 Dec:  A series of new dams is submerging archaeological sites throughout Iran
29 Dec:  Rémy Boucharlat: Pasargadae Would not be Endangered by the future lake in the Tang-i Bolaghi




02 Jan:  International Archaeologists to Start Work in Tang-e-Bolaghi
18 Jan: International Committee to Save Historical Remains of Tang-e-Bolaghi
18 Feb: Archaeology in Iran: Could the Sivand Dam Project be a Blessing in Disguise?
20 Feb: Dams in Iran: Reprieve for Some, No Time Left for Others
21 Feb:  Italians Join Iranians to Save Bolaghi Ancient Sites
23 Feb: Archaeologists Save 2500-Year-Old Shards of Tang-e Bolaghi
03 March: Achaemenid Village Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge
06 March: Archaeologists Demand Postponement of Sivand Dam Flooding
14 March: Ancient Sites at Bolaghi Gorge at Risk
15 March: 50kg Achaemenid Clay Jug Found in Bolaghi Gorge
17 March: Ruins of Ordinary Homes from Achaemenid Era Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge
26 March: Bolaghi Gorge Was a Rich Achaemenid Neighborhood
02 May: Forty Two Archaeological Sites Threatened by New Dam Projects in Fars Province
04 May: Ancient Clay Seal Found in Bolaghi Gorge
07 May: Sasanid Skeleton Rises from Bolaghi Gorge
08 May: Achaemenid Clay Pipes Unearthed in Bolaghi Gorge
15 May: Square Pond Discovered at Tang-e Bolaghi
17 May: Another Skeleton Discovered at Tang-e Bolaghi
17 May: Skeleton with Knife to its Throat Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge
25 May: Remains of Wine Production Found in Bolaghi Gorge
30 May: Iran Uncovers More of Its Winemaking Past
18 June: Joint Iranian & Japanese Archaeological Team to Study Neolithic Caves at Tang-e Bolaghi
20 June: Sivand Project will Drown 174 Ancient Sites
02 July: Controversy Over Illegal Road Construction at Sasanian Hunting Ground Continues
11 July: Constructions Threaten Submerged Archaeological Sites
07 Aug: Cache of Ancient Stone Tools Discovered at Tang-e Bolaghi
21 Aug: One More Year for Saving Sivand Historical Sites
05 Sep: 

Letter: Safe & sound - Sivand dam is posing NO threat to Pasargadae

07 Sep: Pasargadae and Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great Not Expected to be Submerged
12 Sep: Article: Sensationalism vs. Rationalism: The Sivand Dam: political sensationalism vs. archaeological rationalism
12 Sep: Iran’s Energy Ministry Ready to Protect Sivand Heritage
12 Sep: Pasargadae Will Never Drown
13 Sep: Sivand Dam Will Submerge Historical Bolaghi Pass; No Threat to Pasargadae & Persepolis
18 Sep: Germans Explore Bolaghi Metal Mines
22 Sep: Humidity Changes, the Only Threat to Pasargadae
23 Sep: Submersion of Pasargadae & Persepolis, a Negative-Rumour to Divert Attention from the Real Threats
01 Oct: Manifest of Academy of Art about Sivand Dam
03 Oct: Iran and Germany Revive Bolaghi Gorge Cemetery
03 Oct: National Drive to Register Historical Monuments
04 Oct: Bolaghi Excavations Gain Momentum
04 Oct: Bolaghi-Gorge the Biggest Archaeological Salvage Operation in Iran
07 Oct: Energy Ministry Delivers Coup de Grace to Tang-e Bolaghi
08 Oct: Forests, New Threat to Sivand Ancient Neighbours
10 Oct: Growing Concern About Sivand Dam
16 Oct: Ancient Tang-e Bolaghi to be Drowned Sooner than Promised
18 Oct: Underwater Archaeology Impossible at Tang-e Bolaghi: expert
22 Oct: Sivand will not Submerge Achaemenid Imperial Road
07 Nov: Fresh Calls for Delay in Commissioning Sivand Dam
13 Nov: Decision on Sivand Dam Left to ICHTO
19 Nov: Date of Sivand Dam Inundation to be Discussed
23 Nov: Sivand Pass Structures Based on Pasargadae Imperial Architecture
24 Nov: Path through Sivand Gorge to be Saved from Inundation
27 Nov: ICHTO Seeks Delay In Commissioning Sivand Dam
30 Nov: Sivand Dam’s Inundation Postponed for 6 Months
04 Dec: French and Italians to Return to Sivand
06 Dec: Experts Studying Effects of Humidity on Bolaghi Pass
10 Dec: Achaemenid Monument Waiting for Excavations
22 Dec: New Dams Threaten Iranian National Heritage
31 Dec: Islamic Regime's Destruction of Pre-Islamic Iranian Heritage to Continue




22 Feb: Post-Achaemenid Constructions Discovered in Bolaghi
26 Feb: Inundation of Sivand Dam Deferred Until Final Excavations
10 April: Post-Achaemenid Trench Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge
11 April: Discovery of a Massive Achaemenid Building in Bolaghi Gorge
15 April: Excavation of Possible Prehistoric Settlement Underway in Bolaghi Valley
27 April: First Bakun Period Burial Discovered in Bolaghi Valley
01 May: 7,000-Year-Old Mass Grave Discovered in Bolaghi Gorge
16 May: Remains of an Achaemenid Palace Unearthed in Bolaghi Valley
20 May: Destroying Ancestral Heritage in the Name of Development
26 May: Remains of Achaemenid Palace Unearthed in Bolaghi Valley
27 May: Skeletons of Bakun Era Mother and Child Resurrected in Bolaghi Valley
28 May: Bolaghi Valley, 7,000-Yearts-old Centre for Pottery
30 May: Date of Inundation of Islamic Regime' Sivand Dam, the Plague of Iranian Heritage Not Yet Agreed Upon
08 June: Wine Production was Well-Developed during Sasanid Dynastic Era
17 June: Architectural Style of Darius the Great’ Summer Palace Uncovered 
28 June: Remnants of 5,000 Years Settlement Found in Bolaghi Valley
07 Aug: Bolaghi Valley Ancient Ovens to be Relocated to Persepolis
02 Sep: Recent Claims about the Tomb of Cyrus the Great is Being Submerged Confirmed to be Fictitious
10 Sep Sivand Quarry Provides Stones for Restoration of the Tomb of Cyrus the Great
28 Sep Inundation of Sivand Dam is Threat to both Cultural and Natural Heritage
30 Sep In Search of Sasanian Wine Production in Bolaghi Valley
09 Nov Date for Destruction of Iranian Heritage by the Islamic Republic set for March 2007
21 Nov Inauguration of Sivand Dam Awaits ICHTO Approval
25 Nov Bolaghi Valley's 7000-Year-Old Kilns under Intense Protection
04 Dec Final Date of Sivand Dam Inundation to be Announced Soon
12 Dec Request for Postponement of Sivand Dam Inauguration Submitted to Islamic Republic' President




15 Jan Fate of Bolaghi Valley Hangs in Balance at Upcoming Seminar
16 Jan If Necessary, Sivand Dam Inundation will be Postponed: Official
21 Jan Bolaghi Valley Summit Ended without Achieving Anything
22 Jan Japanese Team to Resume Excavations in Bolaghi Valley
23 Jan Conflicting Statements of Islamic Republic Officials on Sivand Dam Inundation
26 Jan Sivand Dam Will be Flooded Next Week
07 Feb Ancient Iranian Heritage Under Threat
Sivand Dam, and New Challenges for the Islamic Republic on the Way of Destruction of Iranian Heritage
14 Feb Oppositions to Inundation of Sivand Dam Still Continue
19 Feb Despite the Experts Recommendations, Fars Water Company Claims New Sivand Excavations Unnecessary
23 Feb Iran: Cultural Critics Attack Dam Project
24 Feb Palace of Darius the Great to be Unearthed in Bolaghi Valley
26 Feb Franco-Iranian Archaeologists Began their Excavation in Bolaghi Valley
05 March Third Achaemenid Palace Discovered in Bolaghi Valley
13 March Achaemenid Fortified Walls Unearthed in Bolaghi Valley
17 March Sasanian Wine Production Centre in Bolaghi Valley in Danger
Mist of Time Briefly Recedes in Bolaghi Valley
19 March Eyes of Achaemenid Statues Found in Bolaghi Valley
29 March UNESCO and Cultural Heritage Experts to Hold a Meeting on Sivand Dam
17 April Islamic Republic's President, Ordered the Sivand Dam ito Become Officially Operational
19 April Sivand Dam Opens Amid pre-Islamic Heritage Fear
23 April Iranians Protest Islamic Regime's Sivand Dam Project
27 April Islamic Republic's Animosity Towards Pre-Islamic Iran, has Overruled Critics and Started Filling the Sivand Dam that will Drown 137 Archaeological Sites and Would Threaten the Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great
23 July Achaemenid Palace in Bolaghi Valley to be Restored
17 Oct Sivand Dam Sparks New Rows About ancient Iranian Relic
29 Nov IRI Busy Destroying pre-Islamic Iranian History
22 Dec Darius the Great' Palace in Bolaghi Valley Had Ash Timber Ceiling




10 April Lichen Funguses are Eating Away Cyrus the Great Mausoleum
17 June Pasargadae and Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great in Danger of Destruction
23 July ICHHTO Director: There is No Water Behind the Sivand Dam, and Pasargadae High Humidity a Normal Condition
05 Aug Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great Requires Constant Monitoring of Moisture
06 Aug PHOTO REPORT: Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great in Danger



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