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Articles on:

Ancient Iranian Calendars, Customs, Festivals & Rituals




Astral Clock in Ardakân, by: H. San'ati-zadeh

Carnival Procession with Rustam, by I. Bashiri

Charshanba-Suri, by: M. Kasheff & A. Saidi-Sirjani

Chahar-shanbeh Souri (Fire Fesival), by: M. Price

Customs, Rules & Correct Manners in Shâh-Nâmeh, by Professor P. R. Ichaporia

Dates and Dating in Old and Middle-Iranian, by Prof. D. N. Mackenzie

Discovery of Fire & Jashn-e Sadeh, by Dr A. A. Jafari

Festival of Farwardigân, by W. W. Malandra

Festival of Shahrivargan, by Dr Sh. J. Mahabadi

Gâhanbâr (Gâhambâr), by Prof. M. Boyce

Haft Sin, by Prof. A. Sh. Shahbazi

Hâji Firuz, the Herald of Iranian New-Year, by M. Omidsalar

Hamâzôr, by Prof. M. Boyce & F. M. Kotwal

Haoma Rituals, by Prof. M. Boyce

Khshathra Vairya and Jashn-e Sharivargan (Iranian Father's Day), by CAIS

Kurdish Celebrations, by K. Hitchins

Manichaean Festivals, by W. Sundermann


Noruz by Dr. A. A. Jafari

Norouz by Prof. M. Boyce

Norouz and the struggle for survival after the fall of Sasanian Dynasty, by A. Sh. Shahbazi

Old Iranian Calendars (The) by Dr S. H. Taqizadeh

Outline on Noruz & Iranians, by Dr. D. N. Rahni

Precise Iranian Calendar (The); by Dr. A. A. Jafari

Rituals to Appease the Providence to Send Rain During Drought Periods, by Dr. M. H. Papoli Yazdi & A. Jalali

Sadeh (an Introduction) CAIS

Sadeh, By Dr. A. Krasnowolska

Shab-e Yaldâ (Yalda Festival), The Eve of the Birth of Mithrâ, the Sun God

Sizdah Bedar, CAIS

Tirgân, by J. H. Peterson

Yalda Festival: Significance of Winter Solstice in Persian Culture, by M. Price

Zarathushtrian Festivals, by Prof. M. Boyce

Zoroastrian Calendar

National Iranian and Zoroastrian Religious Calendar - 2013 CE - 3750/3751 ZRE, compiled by Sh. Suren-Pahlav

National Iranian and Zoroastrian Religious Calendar - 2014 CE - 3751/3752 ZRE, compiled by Sh. Suren-Pahlav


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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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Encyclopaedia Iranica

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The British Institute of Persian Studies

"Persepolis Reconstructed"

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The Persian Gulf

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