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Articles on:

Iran's Cultural Impact and Influence on other Cultures, and International Affairs




An Iranian Standard used as a Christian Symbol , by A. Rose

Armeno-Irnaian Relations in Pre-Islamic Period, by Nina Garsoian

Cultural and Cosmological Impact of Iranian Civilization in Vietnam and Peninsular Areas of Southeast Asia, by S. Setudeh-Nedzad

Dismemberment in Dan 2:5 and 3:29 as an Old Persian Idiom, "To Be Made into Parts", by J. Makujina

Enigmatic relationship of Ancient Ural culture with Sasanian dynasty, by S. Kameneva

Gothic Architecture and Persian Origins, by Prof. A. U. Pope

Halo: A Further Enquiry into Its Origin (the), by E. H. Ramsden

High Relief Decoration on Ancient Iranian Metal Vessels: Development and Influence, by P. R. S. Moorey

History of Iranian-Georgian Relation, by: K. Hitchin

Impact of Achaemenian on Iberian Architecture; 4th-1st C. BCE., By: E. Akhvlediani & K. Khimshiashvili

Impact of Iranian Culture and Language in Poland, by : N. Bayat

Indo-Parthian Beginnings of Gandhara Sculpture (The), by C. Fabrégues

Influence of Zoroastrianism on Judaism and Christianity, by M. Willey

Influence of Zarathushtrian faith on the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, by Kayomarsh P. Mehta

International Achaemenid Style (The), by A. S. Melikian-Chirvani

Iranian Elements in Georgian Art and Archaeology, by G. R. Tsetskhladze

Iranian Elements in Georgian Language, by T. Chkeidze

Many Polish Boys were named Dariusz: A chapter of forgotten History of Iran, by R. J. Antolak

Mithraism & Christianity (a Comparison)

Nietzsche and Iranian Civilization, by Prof. D. Ashouri

Origin of Israel’s Faith & its Debt to Prophet Zarathushtra, by P.E. MacAllister

Parthian Temple from Tell-e Tuneinir, Syria, by M. Fuller

Palestine Under the Persians (539-332 BCE), by D. F. Graf

Persepolitan Legacy in India (The), by M. Stewart

Persian Origin of Anglo-Saxon Words, by Sh. Turner

Persians, the Image in Armenia, by: R. Thomson

Persian Presence at Qasr el-Ghuieta, Egypt (The), by E. Cruz-Uribe

Persian Syria (538-331): Two Centuries of Persian Rule, by A. Bounni

Review of Shamasastry's "India Under the Iranians, by S. Abbas

Role of Central Asian Peoples in the Spread of World Religions, by R. C. Foltz

Sasanians in Africa (The), by M. Compareti

Sasanian Palaces & Their Influences in Early Islamic Architecture, by L. Bier

Soghdiana; Iranian Culture in Central Asia, by M. Compareti

Zarathushtra – Source of the Judeo-Christian Heritage, by Dr. K. Antia

Zarathushtrian Foundations of Human Civilization (The), by T. R. Smith


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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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