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Articles on:

The Iranian World; The Archaeological and Historical Geography of Iran-Proper and the Greater Iran




1. Iran Proper

2. Afghanistan & Central Asia

3. Caucasus

4. Khvârvarân, Asuristan & Anatolia (What is today known as Iraq and Turkey)

5. Persian Gulf (Including Southern Provinces, what is today known as Bahrain, UAE & Oman)

6.  General Articles



  1. Iran Proper

Achaemenid City of Tareiana (Islamic Ahvaz), by C. E. Bosworth

Drangiana, by R. Sdhmitt

Ecbatana, by S. C. Brown

Elymais Province, by: J. F. Hansman

"Êrân & Êrânshahr", Iran the Land of Aryans, by Prof. D. N. MacKenzie

Êrân-Shâd-Kawâd, by R. Gyselen

"Êrân-Wêz", by Prof. D. N. MacKenzie

Êrân-Win(n)ârd-Kawâd, by R. Gyselen

Êrân-Xwârrah-Shâpuhr by R. Gyselen

Êrân-Xwârrah-Yazdgerd by R. Gyselen

Estakhr as a Zoroastrian Religious Center, by Prof. M. Boyce

Fârs Province in Ancient Times, by: Prof, J. Wieshöfer

Firuzâbâd, by Prof. D. Huff

Ganzak, by Prof. M. Boyce

Geography of Fârs Province, by X. de Planhol

Geography of Hamadân, by P. Adhkâ´i

Geography of Hâmun, by E. Ehlers

Gonde Shapur, "History & Medical School", by L. Richter-Bernburg

Gonde Shapour "The City", by Prof. A. Sh. Shahbazi

Hâmun in Literature & Mythology, by G. Gnoli

Hatra, by Prof. R. Schmitt

Helmand (Hirmand) River in Zoroastrian Tradition, by G. Gnoli

Hira, by C. E. Bosworth

Historical Geography of Hamadân, by: X. de Planhol

History and Archaeology of Estakhr, by Prof. A. D. H. Bivar

Pâveh, by Sh. Shabazi

Prehistoric Village of Meymand (A Photo Essay)

Takht-e Soleyman, by Prof. D. Huff


  2. Afghanistan & Central Asia

Dushanbe, by M. Atkin

Balkh, by R. Javid-Moshref

Gandhara, by: W. Vogelsang

Harat (Herat); Its Geography & History, by A. Khazeni & W. J. Vogelsang

Nisâya (Nisa), by Prof. Rüdiger Schmitt

Once More About Peculiarities of the Sogdian Civilization of the 4th-10th Centuries, by B. Y. Stavisky

Pandzhikent; An Ancient Iranian Town of Soghdia; by M. Mode

Panjikant, by Prof. B. I. Marshak

Pre-Islamic Central Asian Archaeology by V. M. Masson

Question of Origin of the Name Hashimgird (The), by Sh. Kamaliddin

Samanid Renaissance and Establishment of Tajik Identity; by Prof. I. Bashiri

Samarqand; its' History and Archaeology, by: Frantz Grenet

Silk Road (The); by: Dr. O. Wild

Silk Road Encounters; A Sourcebook - by: J. S. Major

"Shapur's Will" in Bukhara, by: P.B. Lurje

Soghdiana; Iranian Culture in Central Asia, by M. Compareti

Southern Bactria and northern India before Islam: a review of archaeological reports; by By: G. Fussman


  3. Caucuses

Archaeology of Arran Province (nowadays the Republic of Azerbaijan), by M. N. Pogrebova

Arrân (What is today known as the Republic of Azerbaijan), by C. E. Bosworth

Arrân; the Real Name of the Republic of Azerbaijan, An Interview with Dr. E. Reza

Fiery Maiden (Kyz Galasy) Guards Her Secrets, by R. J. Antolak


  4. Khvârvarân, Asuristan & Anatolia (What is today known as Iraq and Turkey)

Anbar, by M. Morony

Euphrates, by Prof. S. N. C. Lieu

Harrân (Carrhae), by C. E. Bosworth

Khvārvarān (Modern Iraq), by Sh. Suren-Pahlav

Pontus, by B. McGing

Sasanian Irredentism and the Foundation of Constantinople: Historical Truth and Historical Reality, by D. Frendo


  5. Persian Gulf (Including Southern Provinces, what is today known as Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman & Coasts of Saudi Arabia)

See Persian-Gulf Entry [ Click Here ]


  6. General Articles

Avestan Geography: some topographical aspects; by F. J. Vajifdar

Geography of the Iranian World (Ongoing project)

Haft Keshvar (Seven Regions), by Prof. A. Sh. Shahbazi

History of the Breakup of Iran

Maps; Ancient Iran Through Ages, from 728BCE to CE 640

Scythian Wave, by: R. Bracey

Territorial Challenges and Iranian Identity in the Course of History; By: Dr. D. H. Bavand 

Where Was Achaemenid India?, by D. Fleming




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