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Articles on:

Ancient Iranian Literatures and Languages




1. Avestan (Old-Aryan - 4000BCE~)

2. Aryan (Old-Persian - 800 BCE)

3. Pahalvi (Parthian & Middle-Persian)

4. New Persian (Parsi)

--- Shahnameh

5. Other Iranian Languages

6. Miscellaneous Articles



1. Avestan (Old-Aryan - 4000BCE~)

Afarin-i Zartosht, translated by J. Darmesteter

Avestan Language, by Sh. Suren-Pahlav


2. Aryan (Old-Persian - 800BCE~)

An Aryan Idiom in bible; by J. Makujina

Aryan Language, by Sh. Suren-Pahlav

Bistun (bisotun) Inscription of Darius the Great, by R Schmitt

Inscription of Darius the Great at Naqsh-e- Rostam


3. Pahlavi (Parthian & Middle-Persian - 300 BCE - AD 700)

An Introduction to Arsacid Pahlavi (Parthian), by Sh. Suren-Pahlav

An Introduction to Sasanid Pahlavi (Middle-Persian), by Sh. Suren-Pahlav

Ayâtkâr-i  Zarirân, The Memories of Zarirân (The), Translation by C. F. Horne, ed.

Bullae from the Pahlavi Archive at the University of California, Berkeley, by: Guitty Azarpay
Bundahishn, by CAIS

Drakht-i Asûrig, by Dr A. Tafazzoli

Hâjiâbâd Inscription of Shapur I, by Ph. Gignoux

'Iran-Wiz'; The territory of the Aryans, by Prof. D. N. McKenzie

Kârnâmak-i  Ardeshir-i Pâpakân (The Records of Emperor Ardeshir, of House of Sasan)

Kartir's Inscription of Kabe' Zarthust

Kartir's Inscription of Naqshe' Rajab

Pahlavi Inscriptions of Dura Europos, by Prof. D. N. MacKenzie

Pahlavi Psalter, by Philippe Gignoux

Selections of Zadspram (The), A CE 9th century text by Ervard Zadspram

"Shapur's Will" in Bukhara, by: P.B. Lurje

Three New Ostraca Documents from Old Nisa, by: V. A. Livshits


4. New Persian (Persian - Parsi)

Dari (New Persian spoken in Afghanistan)

Iranian Identity Under Fire: An Argument Against the Use of the Word ‘Farsi’ for the Persian Language, by Sh. Suren-Pahlav

Parsi - New Persian, by Sh. Suren-Pahlav

Tajiki (New Persian spoken in Tajikistan)


4a. Shahnameh

Customs, Rules and correct Manners in Shâh-Nâmeh, by Prof. P. R. Ichaporia

Shahname (The Epic of Kings);

Shahnameh of Ferdowsi: An Icon to National Identity, by L. Farhat-Holzman


5. Other Iranian Languages

Azari Language, by E. Yarshater By: G. Buddruss


Bartangi, by G. Buddruss

Ishkashmi, by I. M. Steblin-Kamensky


Kurdi / Kurshish




Persian Origin of Anglo-Saxon Words, by Sh. Turner

Roshni / Roshani



Tati (An Introduction to Tati), by Prof. E. Yarshater





6. Miscellaneous Articles

Ancient Turk Rock Inscriptions in the Talass Ala-Too, A Sogdian Word in an Old Turk Inscription, by: S. G. Klyashtorny

Hâmun in Literature & Mythology, by G. Gnoli

Iranian Languages and Literature (Tree)

Iranian Loanwords in Early-Aramaic Language, by J. C. Greenfield (Under Construction)

Iranian Loanwords in Middle-Aramaic Language, by S. Shaked (Under Construction)

Kharoshti Script by Dr S. Kerr

Zâzâki: Its' Position among Western-Iranian Languages, by L. Paul



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