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Articles on:

Ancient Iranian Mythology





Anâhitâ, the Mother of Gods in Iran ( the Cradle of the Early Gods); by M. S. Nazmi-Afshar

Afrasiab, by CAIS

Ârash-e Gamângir, the Heroic Archer of Iranian Legend, by A. Tafazzoli

Carnival Procession with Rustam, by Iraj Bashiri

Div, by M. Omidsalar

'ERAN-WEZ'; The territory of the Aryans, by Prof. D. N. McKenzie

Fravahar; The Winged Symbol of Zarathushtrian Religion

"Gayomart" (Q-mars), The Protoplast of Man, by M.r Shaki

Gêtîg & Mênôg by: Sh. Shaked

Haft Keshvar (Seven Regions), by Prof. A. Sh. Shahbazi

Hâmun in Literature & Mythology, by G. Gnoli

King Ferêdûn, by A. Tafazzoli

Mithra, by Prof. M. Moghdam

Mithra Khshathrapati and His Brother Ahura, by Prof. M. Boyce

Mountain Goat, Symbol of Rain In Iranian Pottery (The)

Primordial Bovine "Gâv-i Êwdâd", by W. W. Malandra

Scythian Genealogical Legend in «Rustamiada», by: Igor V. Pyankov

Simorgh, by Hanns-Peter Schmidt

Simorgh: -- An Old Iranian Fairy Tale, by H. A. Ghahremâni

Significance of Avestan “čiθra”, Old-Persian “čiça”, Pahlavi “čihr”, and Modern-Persian “čehr”, for the Iranian Cosmogony of Light by A. Soudavar







Esfandiar and its Place in Iranian Epic & Mythology, by Prof. E. Yarshater

Farâmarz, by: Dj. Khaleqi-Motlaq

Farangis, by: Dj. Khaleqi-Motlaq

Forûd, by

Gaždaham, by Dj.  Khaleqi-Motlaq

Gêv, by

Haft Khvân, by Olga M. Davidson 

Homây Chehrzâd. "The Kayânid Queen", by Prof. J.l Doostkhah

Iraj, by Prof. A. Sh. Shahbazi

Rudâba (Rudâbeh), by Prof. A. Sh. Shahbazi

Shâhnâmeh  (The Epic of Kings)

Zâl, by prof. Sh. Shahbazi



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"History is the Light on the Path to Future"


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Encyclopaedia Iranica

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The British Institute of Persian Studies

"Persepolis Reconstructed"

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