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Re: The Recent Slur by the Head of Islamic Republic's Guardian Council about Non-Muslim Iranians


Sunday 20th November 2005




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  Ahmad Janati

Living in this current time, one sees all around the world many thoughts, words and deeds which fall outside the "Good" codes established by God and promoted by civilized world.


Although CAIS is an educational programme with no affiliation to any political or religious group, but when we see such a glaring incompetence and insufferable inanity in Iran, we have no choice but to take action. 


We utterly condemn the totally unacceptable remarks about non-Muslim Iranians and ancient Iranians, by Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, the head of Islamic Republic's Guardian Council (Shorây-e Negahbân) and a top aide to the Islamic republic's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.


We at CAIS are appalled by Mr Jannati's injudicious and shameful remarks, insulting not only non-Muslim Iranians, but also the ancestors of Iranian nation by addressing them as "sinful animals who roam the earth and engage in corruption." 


The position that Mr Janati holds should not be abused and treated as a license to racially insult and denigrate others freely. These kinds of imprudent statements spread hatred and division among Iranian nation, which can only lead to social chaos and further injustice.


Considering the obviously hatful and inflammatory nature of Mr Janati's remarks demonstrates his non-Iranian origin and his animosity towards Iranian nation and our beloved country. The only appropriate and justly action is his removal from his post.


Shapour Suren-Pahlav

For on and behalf of CAIS




[1]. Sunday 20th November 2005


koorosh_niknam_london.jpg (9642 bytes)

  Kurosh Niknam

Mr Kurosh Niknam, the Zoroastrian representative in the IR parliament, in defending the Iranian nations announced: "if Iran and Iranians have an illustrious past and civilisation to feel good about, it owes this to their ancestors before arrival of Islam".


He also added: "animals were owed an apology, because those who sin and besmirch the earth are men who have no respect for God's other creatures."



UPDATE: 28 November 2005 - Mr Kurosh Niknam, has been summoned to appear before the Islamic Revolutionary Court after comments made by him to protest against Mr Jannati's insulting remarks against non-Muslims Iranians. Mr Kurosh Niknam is currently facing charges of slander and disobeying the authorities.





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